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The Consorzio Airport Shuttle Car, Rome Italy. REDUCABLE! - Romania Forums

The Consorzio Airport Shuttle Car, Rome Italy. From Rome Airport we have reserved a shuttle to a Consorzio Airport Shuttle and prepaid. Meet at Rome Airport - FCO/L.da Vinci: Our assistent / chauffeur will be at the departure gates of the luggage reclaim in terminal 3, keeping an AIRPORT SHUTTLE label with your name on it.

Terms of Cancellation: No refunds for cancellations less than 72 hrs in advance of scheduled date of arrival. One man stood at the ticket office and gave us the feeling that we were more of a trouble than a client when we asked about the shuttle. At least 45 mins of our precious free period spent looking for the desktop and then wait.

Concorzio Airport Shuttle Car S.C.R.L. - Review of the Rome Airport Shuttle, Rome, Italy

The Consorzio Airport Shuttle, also known as the Airport Shuttle, sent us a no-show at Fiumicino Airport (Rome) and dropped us off on November 7, 2017, claiming that the rider had been waiting until 7:45 pm. Probably the rider was lying about the period he was there and probably found other passengers/suckers he could bring to Rome.

It has an exit provision on the Expedia coupon which states that the rider would be waiting one "Cinderella" hours from the moment of landing. Given the airport's scale and the lack of efficiency of some facilities, such as luggage reclaim, this is a RIDICULARITY. them telling us we should've phoned them if we exceeded one Cinderella lesson.

In Fiumicino (Rome) there was no free number so we could call her via Skype. So if they could have sent me a no-show and I could reply to it by e-mail, why didn't they e-mail me long before Cinderella Lesson just to ask where we were?

Expedia was prepaid by us to reach our motel. The Consorzio Airport Shuttle, also known as Airport Shuttle. it, in Fiumicino (Rome) has taken advantage of us. When Consorzio took us to a shuttle for 45 Euro - and not for a personal transport - we bought Expedia for this special offer and then bought it again at the airport.

We' ve payed twice. In Fiumicino (Rome), is this some kind of fraud or ploy that Consorzio Airport Shuttle, also known as Airport Shuttle, uses to play with other exhausted tourist who arrive at the airport? We' ve been asked to step aside and await a personal transport. At the end we found out that this was another lying and they put us in a shuttle that was not convenient for 74 year old people.

On top of their other ways of exploiting, we found that other shuttle travellers were paying 20 euro per passenger, while the chauffeur charged 22. Fifty Euro from each of us (45 for both of us). EXPEDIAL tried to help us get a reimbursement, but Consorzio Airport Shuttle, also known as Airport Shuttle, declined completely in Fiumicino (Rome).

Exploedia argued that this business was only a provider registered on its website and that Exploedia was required to comply with the one-hour flight covenant. Expedia certainly gets a Consorzio fee for every trip they pay on their website. What makes Expedia allow this ruthless business to be even posted on its website?

That can only mean poor commercial practices on the part of Expedia. We have been clients of airlineshuttle for many years in the past. it and used the airport shuttle as well as the personaluttle. Giorgio and I have been on the telephone a few time ( I don't know his location at the company.) We go to Italy twice a year, but Giorgio and his exploiter at the Consorzio Airport Shuttle, alias Airport Shuttle. it, in Fiumicino (Rome) unfortunately lose our game.

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