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Booking flights around the world

Around the World Ticket and Flights - Book now Well, that's what a journey around the world is all about. Please keep in mind that with our reservation system you can travel to one town and from another or end your journey in another town than you began, with our flights to our partners such as Lufthansa, Swiss International, Austrian Airline, SAS, KLM, Air France, Iberia, British Airways, Alitalia and others from London Heathrow.

With our reservation system, you can travel to and from one location, or end your journey in another location when you begin. There are a number of UK airport departure points where you can depart and arrive. What is the number of stopovers I can select on my Round the World tickets?

If you are traveling to New Zealand and/or Australia, you have the choice:

This is how you book your ticket around the world

Theoretically, a circumnavigation of the world may sound amazing: book a tickets and experience a Jules Verne experience. One of the best known ways to travel the world before returning to the States is through an alliance such as United Airlines' Star Alliance or American Airlines' OneWorld. This conglomerate cooperates with other large carriers, similar to a hospitality group, so you can book your flights together and use carrier-specific mileage.

As a reservation, they often specify the destination you must go (i.e. no intersection), how many lanes you must go, how many you must stay on and the number of kilometres. And, as Scott Keyes, the trip specialist behind the e-newsletter Scott's Cheap Flights, says, it can also be costly to form an airline group. Reserving such a tickets in advance in cash could be between $2,000 and $10,000.

Third parties such as AirTreks or Flystein are working to organise all your flights according to your wishes. "I know a lot of people who have taken advantage of travel planners and have made a big difference, especially if they don't have much practice in putting together different itineraries," Keyes states. Keyes suggests a direct digital finger model for your fingers.

Keyses has some suggestions for you.

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