Roma Termini Taxi Stand

Rome Termini taxi rank

Rome: From and to Fiumicino Airport (FCO) Describes the different routes to and from Rome Fiumicino International Airports (FCO) (also known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport). It is a good suggestion to get a card of Rome and familiarize yourself with the position of your accommodation and the places referred to in this paper. Purchasing coach passes on-line is usually less expensive, but is not advisable.

When you receive a voucher on-line, you may be saving one or two Euro, but you are obliged to use this option even if there is another coach that provides the same precise services for the same destinations (terms) and departs immediately instead of half an hours later. Simply buy a fare for the coach that departs earlier directly from the stop.

The busses take about 45 min from Rome's main train terminal to Rome's Termini train terminal in regular service from Rome's main train terminal at Flughafen Friedrichshafen, but can take much longer if there is a lot of travel. You should allow much more travel to and from the airports, as busses fill up quickly at peak hours and you may have to spend more waiting than you expected.

Busses are available in Terminals 3 and the fare is 5.00 per passenger on-line or in private.

Round trip open ticket costs 8 . 00 per passenger. Coming from Termini railway terminal (on the right hand side, opposite the railway station), leave between 04:30 and 20:30 hrs. You can also stop in the centre of the city of Florence and at Piazzale 12 Ottobre, near the Ottobre railway stop, where you can reach some of Italo's high-speed lines.

TERRAVIS UK Limited will provide you with a number of different services (single 4 per ticket on-line, 6 at the stand and 8 return per ticket on-line, 11 at the stand (although these rates are subject to changes and it is possible to buy your ticket on-line at the stand!). From 05:35 to 23:00, this bus connects the Bundeskartellamt (Terminal 3) with Termini station (Via Marsala).

It is recommended not to buy your vouchers on-line (see above), but if you have purchased your vouchers on-line, please note that the gift certificate you have received must be exchanged for a valid flight in Terminal 3. A lot of bad feedback has been given to this ministry, especially for the drive back to the airports, as it may take some getting a coach with free places available.

From the SIT Terminal: 5 per passenger on-line, 6 at the terminal. Thirty from Rome, and between 08. Situated in the centre of Rome, the stations are located in Piazza Indipendenza (near Termini station) and Via Crescenzio (near Castel Sant'Angelo). Driving time between FCO and Termini is about 50 min. The collection and return points at the airports are located in front of the arrival terminal in Terminal 3.

It is a significant remoteness from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, where all internal and inter-Schengen services are arriving and departing. For those who wish to fly to or from Rome International Airport Tiburtina at very early or later times when train and other busses are not leaving, there is a one way overnight service that links the centre of Rome to Rome International airport Tiburtina and Termini (7 on the coach, 5 on the bus) for 5 (or 7 on the coach).

You can buy your tickets for a ride to the airports the previous morning at one of the points of sale listed in the timetable. You should also find the nearest stop for the buses (located near the underground stations in Piazza Cinquecento, to the right of the JPII image of the Holy Father, if you are opposite it) so that you don't have to look for it in the darkness with your baggage.

It covers a wide variety of shuttles and taxis and it is simple to check prices and make bookings. The Termini railway terminus is closed at 12 a. m. and it is not recommended to leave it outside for longer than that. Coastal coach plus rail or subway (approx ?3 per person). The city centre of Rome can only be reached by means of transport.

Though it would only be a little cheaper than the TERRAVIS AVT and would take longer if you went to Termini train stations, it might be more comfortable for those travelling to some parts of the town. It is possible to take a Coltral coach from the stations in front of Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 to Ostia Lido and from there take the Roma Lido train to Ostia Lido train station, followed by the subway or coach to your end stop; the Coltral coach is a few Euro and the Roma Lido train can be taken on the same coach train as the ATAC (Rome Civil Transport) train, which is 1.50 Euro.

It is also possible to take a Coltral coach to Anagnina subway stop and from there take the A line. You can buy your fares for the Coltral coach, subway or coach at a tobacconist or kiosk. When you buy a BIRG pass (?8), you can use it on the Coltral coach and on all subways, busses, trams and light rail vehicles (including the Lido train) for the remainder of the workday.

S-Bahn ( 8 ? per person). FL1 has several stops: those near the center of Rome are located at Trastevere, Osttiense, Tuscolana and Tiburtina railway station. It is usually the best way to get to Trastevere, Campo de' Fiori, Piazza Navona or Pantheon.

Train depart from 5:57 a.m. and the last train leaves at 22:42 p.m. From Trastevere railwaystation the journey is 26 min. and 48 min. to Tiburtina railwaytrack. Located at Ustiense railway line, this train runs on the underground line B1 as well as high-speed train services from Italo to Florence and the south.

From Tiburtina railway line, the FL1 links with the metro line B1 and the Italo and Trenitalia train lines. From Trastevere railway platform you can take tramway line 8, which goes along Trastevere road, cross the Tiber river and end in Piazza Venezia.

From Tuscolana you would have to go west a few block to reach metro line A at Ponte Lungo stop. Fast rail (14 ? per person). Leonardo Expresszug is a non-stop connection between the Federal Cartel Office and Rome Termini (central station). It' s the most favourite way to travel to downtown Rome, so you can be very occupied.

For large parts of downtown Rome, however, the S-Bahn FL1 (see above) would be a better option. The Rome termini is the only large railway terminal in the town and is very useful if your accommodation is close by, you want to go on foot or take the subway to other parts of the town or even take a train to another part of Italy.

Tiburtina railway also stops at Tiburtina railway stations, which can be easily accessed by the cheaper FL1 line. They can use the tickets at any moment within the next few month, but the tickets must be verified by stamping them into one of the small green-white ovals distributed across the platforms just before the journey.

If you do not invalidate the ticketing, you may be subject to a fine because you are trying to actually ride with an open ticketing number. There may be a long line at the first vending terminal on the way to the train, but there are many vending machines/cabins and stores that sell all your passes at the same rate.

Opposite the counter there is also a tourist agency that sells free of charge to any place in Italy. Taxis (48 ? per taxi). There is a flat rate for a Rome taxi of 48 between the Federal Cartel Office and the centre of Rome (within the inner part of the Aleulian walls) for up to four persons and their baggage.

Driving time to most parts of this main area is about 45 min. You can find a card of the area included in the airport tariffs as well as the actual tariffs in the Rome taxi tariff plan, in several tongues, with a card of the area included in the tariffs on the last page: http://www.comune.roma. it/PCR/resource........

If you are travelling on other routes, ask what the taxi should charge, or ask for a quote on-line. Where possible, take a short picture of the day number on the back of the taxi before boarding. Please be aware that the flat rate from the aerodrome to the centre of Rome is only valid for taxi's authorised by the city of Rome; these taxi's have the coat of arms of the city council (with "SPQR") on the door.

Others such as those authorised by the Municipality of Fiumicino can recharge with the counter. Make sure you take a taxi from Rome: the price on the door is now the price to and from the aerodrome (48 ?). When you travel in a group of 4 people, a taxi is less expensive than the Leonardo express trains and prevents you from lugging your luggage to the trains and then having to make transfers with other means of transport after arriving in the centre of Rome.

You can have a taxi at the customs office of the Bundeskartellamt or at your doorstep in Rome for perhaps less than a taxi. We have three different types of forum support that are strongly encouraged by TA Rome. Personal passenger transport usually charges more if there are more than two or three persons in the group, and also more for very early or very delayed journeys, for public holidays and for additional baggage, so the cost of the journey may be lower than that of the rail.

Up to three persons can be driven by a chauffeur during the working days at a lower price than a taxi. Do not use any auto or shuttles that require an advanced deposit. Trustworthy enterprises require payments after they have provided the services. In Italy it is never necessary to tip for anything, although it is also ok to give a small tip (not more than 10%) if you have the feeling that you have obtained an outstanding one.

There is no obligation to tip your vehicle or taxi drivers.

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