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Go on for Apple: New MacBook New MacBook designs are just around the corner. Since the release of the 2-Pound 12-inch MacBook in April 2015, Apple has not performed a significant Microsoft Word Mac redraw. However, the 12-inch MacBook's appeal is restricted by its high initial price* of $1,300 and lukewarm power. To meet demand for an affordable MacBook, Apple has kept the awkwardly slow-running $999 13-inch MacBook Air running (for life) - quite the same since Steve Jobs heralded it a few years ago in 2008.

When Apple corrects this with a newly designed low-cost MacBook Air (or other branded product used by Apple), it could be the longest hot MacBook in a long while. Combining a low priced Retina screen (a first for an inexpensive MacBook), new Intel processor and a more stylish, modern look (e.g. slimmer screen frames) would probably be compelling for the consumer.

Cheap MacBook: Amazingly, there is no barrel of rivalry at $999 (and slightly lower) for a good looking notebook - with the keyword "quality". Dell is offering the XPS 13 for $999 (reduced to $909 this weekend), which gives you a great look and finish, but you won't get a retina screen (Dell is offering FHD 1,920 x 1,080) and the loudspeakers aren't that astounding.

HP has the 13-inch Spectre XL360, currently (from 14.10.) on offer for $949.99, compared to the standard rate of $1,149.99. It is also a high end notebook with an FHD screen (and good loudspeakers, btw). There'?s the $999 Surface 2 Notebook. A MacBook just upgraded the Air? Also, as already noted, it's possible that Apple will easily optimize the latest MacBook Action and retain the look and feel of it.

However, that would still be enormous if Apple would trim the bezel, add a retina screen and update the CPUs. The 12-inch MacBook has seen some firefighter hits lately. Friday Woot sold new 12-inch MacBooks for $899, a hefty $400 from the book value. CPU: Your assumption is as good as mine: There's the Intel Kaby Lake 8th-generation CPU now used in the Touch Bar 2018 MacBook Pros.

There' also a brand-new 2018 Whiskey Lake Chips.

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