Taxi Mod

Taxicab Mod

Survey - Taxi - Addons - Projekte It has been cancelled and its standard files will probably not work with the latest World of Warcraft. The add-on is a basic whispering add-on that allows you to call the standard taxi services installer (setup in the Frame.lua file). Standard Players have asked me to make this add-on so that they can play the taxi cab ride, but by modifying the standard name, this add-on can call the taxi ride from another taxi rider.

Taxi " which whispers the standard players and (/y) calls for a taxi. c''s FP value is that the taxi rider shows up and drives the add-on users to their destinations. Values used: lokal MAXIDRIVER = "Wólf" lokal Taxiicmd = "I want to order a taxi" The icon is moveable on the monitor.

Show (); SendChatMessage(taxicmd, and " WHISPER", "Common", TAXIDRIVER); SendChatMessage(taxicmd, and " "YELL", "Common"); SendChatMessage(taxicmd, and " WHISPER", "Common", UnitName("target")); SendChatMessage(taxicmd, and " "YELL", "Common");

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