Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines official app. Booking your holiday online at and use this app to make the most of your trip.

Allegory (

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Allegiant in the App Store

Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines offers the following products. Booking your holiday on-line at and use this application to make the most of your holiday. Travellers can track their journeys by map in the application. Every stage of the voyage is displayed as a map in a time axis of the entire voyage.

Simply touch the tickets and obey the travel management directions, register for the journey, view the Boarding Card and get information on your departures and arrivals. - Automatic downloading of journeys to your cell phones when signed in to your My Allegiant accounts. - View and adding seating, buy pouches and upgrading to priority boards.

The use of Allegiant's portable application can help saving travellers a lot of cash and allow them to travel through the airports without ever having to print a sheet of any paper. It is my first experience with Allegiant and so far I am really astonished. At the moment I am awaiting my plane aboard, but the check-in procedure was really simple.

If those folks took the trouble to review their guidelines before they made it to the airports check-in, they probably would have seen that they wanted something for every little thing, but my ride to Asheville cost $38. Second, I don't see where it shows you which gateway your airplane is going through.

It is very handy to use the on-board card in the application. It would be great, however, if the application would give you the opportunity to select the desired arrival city first. If I wanted to go to Tampa FL, for example (just one example), you have to select your departure aerodrome first and that restricts the options, data, locations, etc....

To find a plane that will take me to Tampa on the perfect date and schedule, I have to try all the 100 miles away airfields. Searching will take a lot of your attention, it could really make it easy for the client by allowing you to determine the location and see if an nearest international airline would assist your itinerary.

I would be willing to travel 2-3 hours somewhere, if it brings me the ideal data and schedules for my flights..... It' s a small whim and trying to see if it would be possible to make a long week-end visit somewhere else is almost not possible with this application and website. 2015 Allegiant Travel Company Company? copyright © 2015.

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