Best Multi Destination Flights

The best multi-destination flights

Multi-City trips are one of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday: flights where you can stop for little more money. Earn points or miles on some of the best airline loyalty programs in the world. What are free stopovers and which airlines have the best offers?

Just like everyone else, we enjoy the notion of a free journey. That' s exactly what the big carriers offer when they promote a "free" break in one of their home towns - basically a reward for a detour to another town on the way to your destination. How exactly do you book a break?

First, it is important to comprehend why certain airline companies offer free stops. Almost all of them are large multinational companies located in large hub cities (Emirates/Dubai; Singapore Airlines/Singapore; Japan Airlines/Tokyo; etc.) that want to attract more tourist to their destinations. Tempting travellers with a "free" intermediate stop lead to hotels, restaurants and other tourist costs that would otherwise not have been used.

In order to make a stoppingover, choose "Multi-Destination" or "Multi-City" on the airline's website and enter the data specifically for your itinerary. While your stop is in the airline's home town, it is likely to be the same fare as a non-stop one. As an example, when I look for flights from New York to Budapest in October, Kajak says that Aeroflot is offering the best flight for $808, with a 3.5-hour stay in Moscow.

When I go to the Aeroflot website and enter a multi-destination journey that involves two nights in Moscow, the cost of the ticket is exactly the same: $808. With Singapore Airlines a Sydney to London ticket in October will cost 1768 dollars, with a ten-hour stay in Singapore. But if you try a multi-town route that involves a three-day stop ( and who wouldn't want to do that?), the grand totals $1818 - just $50 more.

The Hawaiian Airlines also offers a free stop in Honolulu, their hometown. For example, a New York to Tokyo ticket is the same as a multi-city ticket that allows you to spend three days in Honolulu. Icelandair allows travellers to travel to European countries without having to pay extra in Reykjavik.

Thanks to a KLM-Air France alliance, people can buy a multi-destination ticketing service that includes not just one but two free stopovers: 3 in 1" applies to all flights to all EU countries served by both carriers. Japanese Airlines makes it particularly simple for you to make a short stop in their Tokyo hubs.

If you are looking for multi-destination travel, your website actually contains a useful "Stopover" key that allows you to add a direct-stop to your itinerary. An October 1605 to Bangkok New York ticket is only $100 less than the same ticket with a four-day stop in Tokyo. On multi-town routes, it is always a good idea to play around with different schedules and departures to find the best option (both airlines and third parties such as kayak and hipmunk engines).

Yes, you will spend more trouble than you would normally on a normal round-trip airline but for the opportunity to eliminate several targets for the costs of one, the purpose totally warrants the means.

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