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Fly for sale

Flying - New flies - Nymphs - Dry flies & Emergers - Saltwater flies - Streamer flies - Bass, Pike & Panfish flies - Wet flies - Tactical flies. In the Fly-Shop we have hundreds of thousands of flies at hand at any time, here are some discount flies with streamers, nymphs, dry flies.

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Buy insect fishery and take a look at our special offers on insect ranges for sale now. However, warm water fishing is our speciality, so we have an ample choice of flies for small and large mouth perch, as well as flies for fish such as pikes and musk fish. Explore our full range of samples for flying fishing:

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We' re a flies company... and we`re selling flies... a lot of flies. Here you will find flies from some of the best producers in the industry.....Umpqua, Catch, Mill filledling, Rainys, Montana Flying Company, Enrico Puglisi and more. Most, if not all, of the flies presented here are bound to chemical hook sharpeners and are designed for long life.

We' re not selling bullshit, there are lots of other places! These selections have been made over the last 30+ years of national and international fishing...and of course with the help of our best friend and faithful customer. For orders over $25.00....same delivery date.....very competitively priced....make it difficult not to buy flies on-line at MRO!

Please click on a categorie below to see our extensive range of angling flies.

Fishing is our passion!

Fishing is our passion! At the end of a ripple, we adore the spectacle of a neck cutter slurping a trolley out of the movie; the swirl of a roll that reaches its back when a permission for deep waters goes; the excitement of an eightfold load bending under the load of a big mouth struggling for liberty.

Flying is one of our favourite activities and our passions are reflected in the flies and equipment that we offer. Well, we also like a great deal. Therefore our Flyshop is selling Forellenfliegen, Salmonfliegen, Salzwasserfliegen, Trockenfliegen, Bassfliegen, Fliegenruten, Rollen und Zubehör at wholesalerrates.

By cutting out the middlemen, buying directly from the plant (the same plant where other more costly brands are made) and passing the cost reductions on to you, we do it all without compromising either quantity or shelf life. If you buy 3 or more flies in the same design and colour, you will get the following discount rates automatic.

Combine and adjust your hooks and still get the rebate.

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