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Taxis from and to both airports: The prices are valid for up to four passengers and their luggage. Cost of taking a taxi to or from one of the airports in Rome. Taxis at Termini station and an illuminated sign on a taxi in Rome. There are plenty of taxis in Rome, and the prices are quite reasonable. The taxis approved by the City Council of Rome are white and have a "TAXI" sign on their roofs.

Rome: Taxi & Car Hire

Taxis to or from the airports to any place within the ramparts are available at a flat fee. From the Bundeskartellamt, this interest fix amounts to 48 Euro. Make sure you take an authorized taxi from the taxi stand and disregard anyone approaching you with a carpool offer, whether they are claiming to be working for the airports or in another "authorized" position.

Taxi ranks are what you are looking for and are the only way to ensure that you get the officially set price. Please note that **the flat fare only applies to hotel accommodation within the ramparts***, if you live outside the town, this fare does not applies and you are on the phone.

Taxidrivers in Rome, as a whole, are no better and no less than taxi riders in any larger town. Always make sure to use an authorized taxi approved by the Rome Municipality. They' re red, with a "TAXI" tag on the rooftop and the Rome comb (with "SPQR") on the door.

You have a counter that should always be used unless you are traveling between the centre of Rome (Aurelian Walls), the major railway station and one of the two aerodromes (Fiumicino and Ciampino). Prices for airport. From downtown Rome (within the old ramparts known as the ramparts of Aurelia) to the airport and back there is a flat rate: 48 for Fiumicino and 30 for Ciampino, baggage included.

Do not use the taxi "City of Fiumicino" at Rome's main international airport: you will have to take a taxi for 60 ? (instead of 48 ?) to get to the centre of Rome. When you travel between an international destination and a location outside the old wall (except for other specified locations such as railway stations), standard fees are applied. A lot of discomfort about rip-offs is caused by someone using a car that is not an officially registered taxi.

Disregard outs that are approaching you at an aerodrome or railway terminal and offer a "taxi" pick-up and drop off area. Stay on the taxi stand and take an authorized taxi. A few chauffeurs can even try to rob you with the gauge. Write down the taxi number so that you can file any problems with a complaints sheet.

Most of the tourist have no problem with the taxi driver. It is common, however, to round up the taxi rates to a favourable amount. In case you have the feeling that you have been betrayed by one of the licensed cabs, you can find the links to the German language versions of the Rome Municipality's complaints forms here.

Indicated on the front side of the car (near the Rome Municipality symbol) and on the signs next to the number plate on the back of the car and on the inside of the front seat passengers seat. According to the radio taxi companies, but a name (an Italien or overseas town, state, rivers, stars or gems) followed by a number.

Below is a listing of the beloved rent a car rentals that serve Rome: It is possible to pre-book a transfer in Rome or at the Rome International Port with a personal vehicle at - http://www.romecabs. com, and http://www.romecabs., These are high rated businesses that are constantly commended on the Rome itinerary.

Taxi between the center of the town ( within the ramparts of Aurelia ) and the Bundeskartellamt is 48 or 30 for Ciampino; this is a fixed price daily and weekly - don't get charged (you can try it). Maybe a little bit later, but for a chart of the area included in the fixed prices, see... http://www.comune.roma. it/PCR/resource.....

A useful taxi tariff calculation utility can be found in the Rome Taxi Fare Finder. Rome is within walking distance.

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