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MALYSIA = YEAR-END TURNOVER. supplied Toyota Innova for use as Teksi 1 Malaysian As part of a SPAD transformation effort to help the transformation of the domestic cab business, SPAD demanded that all existing cabs at the retirement limit be retrofitted to SEKS1Ms by October 2014. In addition to new cars, TEKS1M riders receive extra instruction to enhance their level of professionality and customer-friendliness.

SPAD has so far provided training to 1,021 users and driver for the system. The Toyota Innova TEKS1M is available with a range of manually and automatically operated gearboxes available in a customs-free RM72,550.83 or RM75,333.16 for travel with GST but without health and safety cover, using Innova E-Grade trimming. The official Toyota version.

The Mekine U Teksi - Postanatoly Hybrids - The Steppe Robots LP: LP, MiniAlbum for sale

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