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Minneapolis, St. Paul, the MSP Airport and all surrounding suburbs are licensed for our taxis. Taxi fares - Trip downtown - Las Vegas Forum

Anybody know about how much taxi money costs from the stripe to the city center (Fremont Street)? Thanks. Taxi money from where on the stripe? "Depending on where you are, the "Strip" ....and the hour of day/traffic/route ...but call it $20-25 with tip. I' ll have someone else tell you about the Duece coach options because I never took/wasted the time* to do it.

Maybe I'll find enough spare in Vegas to be excessively valuable. A way from the city center to the Mirage led me about $17 with a tip. There' s a coach named The Deuce - it costs $5 for a 24-hour ticket, but it pops up at the southern end of the band.

It' tough to get from the median and further to the north. It can take over an hours later in the morning to get to the city centre. They can look up some of the other buses that run parallel to the stripe. Though The Deuce goes into the city centre, it can be very overcrowded and it can be very sluggish.

There are many stations and it only travels on the belt, so that it gets caught in patrol transport. Well, if you don't care about taking a long while to get into the city centre (some folks said it took them over an hour), then it's okay. The Luxor down-town cost me $22 last September.

Thank you for the answers, everyone. do they still have the explicit deuce, 3-4 strokes to the inner city. is it #302???? I think they might have set 301 and 302 substituted by Deuce. i've wondered the same thing myself and don't see it listed on the transport website. I' m quite sure that there will be no more fast buses to the downtown area - they abolished it when they introduced Deutsche Bahn - I wish they would try an Expressway Deuce.

We' re not exactly concerned about where we come out on the strip - and would definitely take one that only makes a few stops - I think it would help improve the strip position - but I suppose the "powers that be" don't see it that way. Express coach in the city centre is no longer available.

Deuce took over lines 301 and 302 and is the only coach that travels on the stripe (and downtown).

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