Maxi Cab Seating Capacity

Maximum cabin seating capacity

Hybrid taxi; energy-efficient and environmentally friendly; seat capacity: Airport transfer, point-to-point transfer, cruise transfer to object transfer.

Airport transfer, point-to-point transfer, cruise transfer to object transfer. You have two choices to customise your own seating choices. It is either the back of the driver's seat while you enjoy your vision, or you are sitting face-to-face with other riders, which is strongly advised for on-site meetings as you will need to make visual contacts with your mates.

Each seat is upholstered in high grade genuine cowhide that provides passenger seating comforts and allows them to lean back and enjoy their trip to their destinations. To make an immediate bank transfer call us now at +65 6535 3534 or send an e-mail to Please visit our Singapore Limousine Transport website directly for web bookings.

maxi cab Singapore - Book your 7-seater maxi cab limousine taxi now!

This is a favourite option for business customers to take this maxi-cabmousmousine. Its standard seating arrangements make it so unique. So, no waste of your fucking thunder. Seat layout is chosen so that everyone has more than enough legroom. The Maxi cab sedan cab is so useful and flexible for mass transfer.

However, our maxi-cab limo cab passengers must be ready, so let us know in advance if you are making mass transfer. Ideal for large families or groups wishing to go together instead of taking 2 different cabs. You could be wasting a great deal of valuable human while.

In case you plan to go to several attractions in one go and don't want to have the trouble to change to a different Maxi cab every night, it would make more sense to choose our hour-rental.

Singapore taxis max passenger capacity - Singapore Forum

Hello, what about the max number of seats for the Singaporeaxi? Quad is the maximal number in a default cabin, although there are''maxi-cabins'' that can hold higher numbers. My guess is that most Singapore staterooms will be able to house your whole familiy, and the pockets can be placed in the trunk of the cabin at no additional cost.

Seating capacity for a 4-seater cab is 4 or 3 grown-ups + 2 under 12 years old or 2 + 3 or 1 + 4 or 6 under 12 years old. You can find the seating capacity for a 4-seater cab in this links below: Learn more about driving a cab in Singapore: It all depends on the seating capacity of the cab U-flag - you can try to ask if you will let in your Ur 6 year old boy and seat him on every grown-up round.

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