Airport Transfer Deals

Transfer from and to the airport

Directions airport transfer to Booking this pack you will get a free airport transfer to or from the airport. Make sure the promotion key word is displayed in the Corporate/Promotion key field when you make your on-line booking, or call 1-800-228-9290 in the USA and ask for the promotion key word. Advertising code: Gotta be two nights.

Package not valid for groups of 10 or more rooms. Do not combine the promotion with other promotional activities. There may be times for blackouts. Pre-registration necessary. Further limitations shall be applied. Prices are per room, per overnight stay and are subject to reservation date uptime.

Transfers to airports

Holiday customers who make their own flight arrangements on regular non-stop departures to the terminal can take advantage of our airport transfer services. Send your flight route with arrivals and departures and data with your billing number by facsimile (303.703.7060) or post to the transfer department.

Timetable and payments must be submitted no later than the date of receipt of final payments. Please pay attention to the acknowledgement of your transfer in the trip documentation. Please note: Transfer is not available 4 or less business days in advance for Europe and North America holidays or 14 or less business days in advance for Africa, Asia, South America and Australia holidays.

Airport-transfer can be arranges if you buy additional accommodation before or after your holiday. Transfer cannot be provided if you arrive too late or depart earlier. Transfer is possible per passenger and prices and schedules may differ depending on airport and/or holiday. Additional overnight transfer services are available in Europe on a group base.

Any passenger travelling on the same flights will be transfered together and billed according to group sizes (1-2, 3-4, 5-7 passengers). Please note: Additional overnight transfer is not available 14 or less day or less in advance of your scheduled date of travel.

Our clients say

At the landing our rider waited for us, he was courteous and ready to help. I must confess, it was thrilling to see my name on a map when we arrived. This transfer also spared us a great deal of standing in line for a cab. Punctual and flexible; has always considered me a valuable client.

At first I was worried about the online trial!

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