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and TAP Portugal (TP), Thai (TG), Turkish Airlines (TK) et United Airlines (UA). Travelling around the world can seem like a very distant destination. Round the World Awards, which you can still book.

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New Star Alliance Star Alliance Business Classic tariffs around the world

The Star Alliance aims to increase its presence in the global leisure and leisure markets with the launch of four new Round The World (RTW) tariffs aimed at reducing the cost of travelling internationally. Included in the new rates is a basic $10,000 US dollar non-tax basic tariff complimentary seat category packet, which represents a savings of nearly $2,000 compared to the Star Alliance's current minimum seat category, the Star Alliance GTT offers between three and 15 stops over a 26,000 mile journey.

The Star has also added three extra Economy RTW tariffs with lower basic prices in return for fewer stops. However, it is the BPD - sold as "Star Special" (booking CRWSPCL ) - that will attract travelers most. Whilst traveling around the world in a " Blue Card " environment may sound like a treat for life, experienced travelers have long used RTW tariffs to build a route through multiple destinations and fly with one of the 26 Star member companies for less than the costs of making bookings for them.

The relatively high price of TTW tariffs, however, can be unfavorable for smaller companies - and this is where Star's new entry-level TTW calling plan comes in. "As soon as they reach Gold status, travelers will have a host of value advantages - from prioritized check-in and board-ing to lounging and additional free luggage - that can change every trip," McCarthy told Australian Traveller.

Star's RTW Star Season tickets have so far been divided into three price classes depending on whether you are travelling 29,000 mph, 34,000 mph or 39,000 mph. The synchronized stars one, two and three stay on the RTW desk. Featuring a lower 26,000 kilometer range, the new Star Special rate still allows up to 15 stops (an interruption of 24 hour or more).

Here is an example of a Star Special Bus Division route for a traveler from Sydney: As a Star One booking, it would be $11,876 before tax, supplements and other add-ons. When considering an RTW tariff for your next corporate outing, there are a few things you should keep in mind. However, if you are considering an RTW tariff for your next corporate outing, you should consider a few things. First, you must go one way (either eastwards or westwards) and pass the Atlantic and Pacific only once - so you cannot use an RTW tariff to fly from London to New York and then back to Frankfurt.

Lastly, some carriers charge supplements for certain types of planes on RTW tariffs - from our type schedule which comprises Singapore Airways and Air Canada. You can book Star Alliance RTW flights through your local Star Alliance agency, directly with a Star Alliance carrier or through the Book and fly feature on the Star Alliance website.

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