Affordable Jets for Sale

Accessible jets for sale

Jets very light: Accessible for flying and maybe for buying Ever since the beginning of the jet era, the ultimate concept of luxurious living for many individuals has been to own a personal plane, but for almost everyone the vision is far beyond our personal range. But now the daydream of having your own personal plane - or at least regular flights at a glance - is possible thanks to new, inventive aircraft design and technology.

Pricing may still be raising brows for many, but if you have about $1. 5 million and much of the case for some pretty intensive pilots education, a one-on-one privately owned plane is well within easy reach. What is more, if you have about $1. 5 million and much of the case for some pretty intensive pilots education, a one-on-one plane is well within easy reach. Your own aircraft will be a great asset to you. While you may think that still may sound like a great deal of cash, it's by far not as much as you would have had to buy a new high rise plane to travel a thousand leagues in just three houres.

Now a new category of small jets is being launched on the scene. The majority are intended for piloted operations, but in order to be qualified for stand-alone flight, unexperienced jets must complete intense instruction followed by a controlled flight time with a mentored profession. Extremely lightweight jets - or VLJs, as they are called in industrial terminology - are so inexpensive in corporate air travel that they are affordable only to the wealthy and not just a toy of a very wealthy individual or the sole prerogative of a large corporation chief executive.

Approximately a Dozen Enterprises develop the VLJ. The price of new planes varies from $1.36 million, which Diamond will charge for its five-seater D-Jet, to about $3 million for approximately seven- to eight-person planes. Whereas the D-Jet made in Ontario, Canada, is the most affordable VLJ, other VLJs may become better known. The HondaJet is another VLJ, a seven-seater plane that is being constructed in North Carolina by the major automobile manufacturer as the first excursion into the corporate flight world.

The Eclipse Aviation EA-500 is even better known. Founded only in the late 1990', Eclipse's founding Vern Raburn - a former Microsoft manager near Bill Gates and Paul Allen - quickly gained iconic standing among personal aircraft with its pledge to make a less than $1 million plane.

For Eclipse, he designed an impressive branding engine that attracted a lot of attention for the EA-500 and the VLJ family. "Verni is not the first individual to construct or even suggest a lightweight jet," said Nigel Moll, publisher of the month's issue of the Bible of International Affairs News.

1977 the businessman Tony Fox suggested the five-person Foxjet 600 jets and constructed large model aircraft, according to Moll. "Of particular importance was the emergence of small jets for VIPJs and the growing discontent of passengers with air travel after 11 September. If you can't even buy a personal plane, you may soon be able to buy a job on one.

Cost-effectiveness of a VLJ has been the inspiration for a number of new businesses looking to provide short-haul connections between US and European cities. This operator is based on the concept that corporate travellers should receive premium rates to avoid long safety routes at turnstiles and fly to their meeting and back in one workday.

Before ordering this espresso mug at the airports, ask which aircraft you are traveling on.

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