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Look for Srilankan Airlines flights on Opodo UK. The price is high more than own airline. Simple ticket booking with SriLankan Airlines online via Expedia. Discount flights to Sri Lanka: Make your reservation today for flights to Sri Lanka.

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Headquartered at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, the airline's hubs offer easy access to its 60 international routes to 33 European cities, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East, North America and Australia. Domestic carrier operating flights every day from Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo International Air Port) to the most scenic places on the Isle.

You will be delighted by Sri Lanka's sandbeach, bright sunshine and remarkable cheap accomodation. Sri Lanka is an ultimate holiday destination with this blend of warm welcome and value for money. Travelling by rail through Sri Lanka's Hill County from Colombo is a great way to explore the country's scenic landscape.

Sri Lanka's wildlife sanctuary is highly tourist for wildlife enthusiasts, but still definitely a must to see huge flocks of wild animals swimming in their backcountry flood. Walk through the thick jungle in the north or Adam's Peak in the centre of Sri Lanka for a rougher outline. The Arugam Bay has the best of Sri Lanka's windsurfing, but come and see us from April to October to get the best surf.

The Sri Lankan cuisine is based on a solid foundation of travel rices and curries, and although there are many resemblances to southern India cuisine, Sri Lankan citizens are more libertarian with chili, so take a small mouthful to test the seasoning levels before you venture in. Quickly find great offers on flights to Sri Lanka with our own company reservation system that scans over 1,000 carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways and Emirates.

Locate and book great value flights to all major Sri Lankan destinations including: Flights directly from Canada to Colombo are short and highly costly, so most travellers must go to a European, Asian or Middle Eastern hubs and then be connected to a Colombo-bound one.

Cathay Pacific, Sri Lankan Airline, Air Canada, American Airline, Jet Airways and British Airways are the carriers offering low cost flights to Sri Lanka from Canada's main international destinations. In Sri Lanka the climate varies from the north-east to the south-west, with two different wets and droughts. Along the coastline the average annual temperatures are 27°C, while in the main mountain resorts they are 16-20°C cold.

Sri Lanka's best travel season will depend on which part of the county you want to travel to. From April to September it is arid in the north and east, while it is arid on the west shore and at the mountain stations from December to March. This is the season when most of Sri Lanka's tourist visits take place, and July and August are also busy in Kandy as the Temple of the Tooth takes over 10 day festivals.

If you want to get lower rates and fewer visitors, Sri Lanka can be visited in September, October, November and April. There is always a place at some Sri Lankan shore or the other during this period, and you will probably have it all to yourself.

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