Trump Private Jet Interior

Private Trump Jet Interior

President-elect Donald Trump was regularly seen on his luxurious private jet campaigning, but hardly anyone knows the cost. PHOTO: In Donald Trump's new $100 million private jet. $100 million and gave him a trump-style foundation. This private jet is now plated with golden, has the latest electronics and has the familiar emblem on almost every interface. Trump's assistent Amanda Miller has recently released a videotour through the interior of the aircraft on YouTube, and we have the highlight.

Donald's tastes in interior architecture may be dubious, but we have no doubts that this is a beautiful way to circumnavigate the globe. Watch the videos of the tour:

One look at Trump's 100 million custom-made private jet.

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Doonald Trump's plane: In the interior of the gold-plated 757 Jet

The Donald Trumps airplane has a 24-carat golden sinks and a Hollywood-quality theatre. Even though the Republika candidate for president Donald Trump calls himself a quadrillionaire, this electoral campaign has generated evidence and doubt about his real net value. The details are open for discussion and Trump certainly has at least one of the most important physical characteristics of a multi-billion dollar businessman: a 100 million 757 dollar jet.

The 757 will fit 43 people, has a 16 hr reach, and can fly at more than 500 mph, according to an inside trip offered by apprentice Amanda Miller and divided on Trump's YouTube TV station. In the aircraft's first-class sleeping area, 24-carat gold-plated safety harnesses are used; other aircraft features and fittings are also made of 24-carat bullion.

Every berth has an audio-visual system, which includes televisions that are supplied with the various available videos in the jet. A 57-inch theatre system and Hollywood-quality soundsystem are provided in the masterounge. There is also an intuitive tactile display that allows full wireless access to the system and all rooms from anywhere on the floor.

Our guesthouse is fully covered in timber and has its own theatre system. In Trump's own master room now: Shows golden satin yards andards decorating the cabins. An individual header and a duvet complete the look. There is also a theatre in the room, and specially crafted cushions with the Trump family's emblem coordinated with detail such as the aircraft's head restraints.

There is a main bath with showers and a 24 carat gilded washbasin.

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