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Booking your round the clock refreshment +46 8 404 12 66

With our expert pilot you can get where you want, as long as you want and at what hours are perfect for you. Our flights are exclusively, safely, discreetly and exceptionally simple, without long check-in lines, time-consuming wait and wait periods and complex scheduling. You are guaranteed a secure, select and discrete journey, with your needs and desires at the forefront.

Do you need a quick and secure transportation to work or to a conference? Rent one of our choppers and avoid queuing and other time-consuming issues. With our secure, quick and comfortable chopper taxis, you and your group can get to the outside islands in just 20mins. Kolibris choppers take between one and four people, for bigger groups we provide the opportunity to rent several choppers at the same moment.

Ever dreamed of taking a flight in a chopper, floating above the town, and seeing your favorite places from a whole new view? Booking a trip with one of our choppers and experiencing "The Venice of the North" from above. And we can ensure you an memorable time. You can choose your flight individually or our expert pilot will be your travel companion and show you all the places of interest.

All our qualified trainers are highly qualified to provide both theoretical and hands-on instruction. Would you like to test what it is like to fly a chopper? You have the possibility to fly one of our choppers together with our qualified pilots. During your test flights, you can steer the chopper yourself and see how every move of the steering affects the chopper.

Every test mission begins with a 30-minute elementary lesson in which you and the instruction al student will learn about the helicopter's various controls and how they interact. When you are more than one passenger, you will take turns piloting the chopper and enjoy the views from the backrest. It is a reliable intense emergency jet that provides the highest levels of patient support and convenience for patient and healthcare professionals.

Ambulance Hummingbird was established in 2016 and is a joint venture outlay. Ambulance Hummingbird is available to travel any 24/7 weekday all year round. Our large and diverse portfolio ranges from chopper services to the Stockholm Islands to jets throughout Europe and beyond.

Enjoy the liberty of travelling exclusively and personally, without any delay or disturbance, just as you have always wanted. No matter whether the trip is commercial or private, we always provide tailor-made and meticulously scheduled airfares. Our large fleets and large teams of seasoned employees and drivers enable us to provide a time-efficient and convenient level of services suitable for both short-haul and longer journeys.

It is our mission to be Sweden's most important business associate for those looking for private, exclusively operated flights as well as ad-hoc charters.

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