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Mr. Chipman is known as the chairman of True North Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League and Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Winnipeg Jets owner about the city and the dream. Latest news for the Winnipeg Jets, including highlights, roster, schedule, scores and archives.


Profile of some of the investor and other doers behind the transaction to get a NHL crew back to Winnipeg after a 15-year vacation. Profile of the big investor and other doers behind the transaction to get a NHL squad back to Winnipeg after a 15-year absentee period.

At the Winnipeg side, the main actor was a business named True North sports and entertainmen. Winnipeg business man Mark Chipman and other associates set up the business in 2001 with the goal of creating a new sport and leisure location in Winnipeg's inner core that would revitalize the beleaguered business quarter and potentially lure an NHL squad into the town.

Opened in 2004, the new 15,000-seat MTS Centre became home to the Manitoba moose that the AHL Chipman crew took to Winnipeg after the jets departed in 1996. True North showed with this squad, which had some of the highest visitor numbers in the division, that once again ice hockey could be a winning field in Winnipeg.

Thomson David Thomson's millionaire and inheritor of Thomson' assets in the broadcast business was invested in True North through his family's property division, Osmington Inc. Finally, Thomson and Chipman purchased the other associates and became the exclusive shareholders of True North. ark Chipman: creator of True North Sports and Entertainment, the entity that will own the new squad and already has its home stadium, the MTS Centre, constructed in 2004 to substitute for the Winnipeg Stadium where the jets used to compete and torn down in 2006.

Mr. Chipman is Chairman and CEO of Megill-Stephenson Co., a multiple dealership automotive holdings corporation founded by his dad, Robert Mr. Chipman. In addition, Mr. Co. is the Chairman and CEO of Megill-Stephenson Co. It also has interests in the MTS Centre and Manitoba Moose, the Vancouver Canucks farming group. Elche used to play in the International Hockey League before being taken from Minnesota to Manitoba by the Chipman side following the Jets' 1996 departures.

Successfully he was negotiating to get the moose and five other IHL crews into the American Hockey Leagues. Elks have proved to be a big attraction for the MTS Centre and are at the top of the division in the seasonal and play-offs. Mr. Chipman is Principal of the Hockey Canada Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of various church organisations.

There are three children and two siblings, Stephen and Jeoffrey, who are also involved in the Winnipeg businesses and related businesses. Mr. W. W. W. received a BA in Economic Sciences and a Master of Jurisprudence from the University of North Dakota. Before returning to Winnipeg, he worked as a US attorney, Thomson Reuters as Chairman and David Thomson as co-owner of true North.

David Thomson: Thomson Reuters, the independent publishing group established in 1934 by his grandpa Roy and later led by his dad Kenneth. Featuring an estimate net value of $23 billion, Thomson was placed first and seventeenth in Forbes magazine's 2011 ranking of Canada's billions of dollars.

With Chipman, he own True North Sports and Entertainment. Thomson, headquartered in Toronto, was a quiet finance associate rather than directly engaged in the NHL negotiation. The Atlanta site was negotiated by Atlanta Spirit LLC. Thrashers has belonged to the owner group since 2004, when it acquired the Thrashers from Turner Broadcasting System Inc. for $250 million, along with the NBA's Atlanta Hawks and the Philips arenas operational assets.

Whilst economic and environmental tycoon Ted Turner is not part of Atlanta Spirit, some of its members have connections with him. Since December 2010 Atlanta Spirit LLC has formally been looking for a purchaser for the thrashers, who have suffered financial damage and annual casualties in the region of $20 million to $40 million.

The fan service was poor (the squad took place number 28 in this division of 30 NHL squads this season). Disputes arose within the owner group, which was not too interested in holding the squad for several years. Thrashers' salaries were among the lower of the division, and the team's performances on the Ice was not so impressive: they did not beat any play-offs in 11 games.

Winnipeg's True North Sports and Entertainment will sell the squad approximately five month after Atlanta Spirit has resolved a suit with a former member of its owner group, Steve Belkin. The members of the Atlanta Spirit Group include: An Atlanta attorney who was engaged in Atlanta Spirit's property, franchise and commercial transaction.

Ted Turner's son-in-law and a deputy president and chief executive officer of the Conservation Fund. Ted Turner's girlfriend and former Turner Broadcasting manager; worked for the Atlanta Hawks for three years. Bettman, 58, is a commissar of the National Hockey League.

NFL Club proprietors recruited him in the hope that he would broaden the league's squads and enhance the TV presence of hockey in the United States. Under his leadership, the NFL increased from 24 to 30 squads, and two of Canada's football associations, the Quebec Nordiques and the Winnipeg Jets, migrated just south of the board. These accusations came after the transfer of the Jets and Nordiques in 1996 and were repeated in 2007 when Research In Motion CEO Jim Balsillie charged him with impeding the Nashville Predators' personal sales, which Balsillie attempted without success to deliver to Hamilton, Ont.

After the jets moved to Phoenix, Ariz. In 1996, when nobody thought the NHL could return to Winnipeg, a small but committed group of supporters used the web to help set up assistance for the return of a squad to the town.

Those followers used their plattforms to argue that Winnipeg is a vibrant town that can accommodate an NHL squad, and now that this has actually happened, they are sure to be satisfied. Today he and other top-class enthusiasts such as Dave Minuk and Lauren Robb are highly regarded references on all jets.

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