Alaska Airlines Code

Code of Alaska Airlines

Never before have Alaska Airlines flights been so cheap! Alaska Airlines promotional codes can save you a lot of money on Alaska Airlines reservations and tickets! bidirectional election You should not use this website to post reports of incidents that directly threaten your life and/or property. Otherwise, you may not use this website to send any reports or information. CONDITIONS OF OPERATING SAFETY: To raise concern about operating reliability or risks that could present an immediate hazard, call the AAG Security Hotline at 1-877-610-4039.

At the top of this page, click Submit a Alaska Airlines Reported or Submit a Horizon Air Reported to create an on-line database.

Once you have completed your reporting, you will receive a clear code named "Report Key". "Make a note of your reporting code and your passphrase and keep them in a secure place. Use your reporting code and your passphrase to review your reports for responses or queries after 9-10 workdays. Alaska Air Group ("AAG") has earned our company a solid recognition for offering real and attentive services.

We have never forgotten our dedication to conducting our businesses with sincerity, integrity and professionality. They are an integrated part of our corporate governance structure and are mirrored in our Alaska Air Group Code of Ethics ("Employee Code") and our Supplier Code of Ethics ("Supplier Code").

The Employee Code of Conduct covers all executives and staff of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air as well as all members of the Board of Directors of the Alaska Air Group. This Code of Conduct is not meant to cover every conceivable circumstance, but serves as a guideline for the many relevant statutes and core guidelines and practices that regulate the conduct of our businesses in a lawful and ethic way.

All Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air employees should thoroughly check the Code and be comfortable with its contents. The Supplier Code is applicable to all our and our suppliers' transactions with Alaska or Horizon. Our Supplier Code outlines our core beliefs and aspirations. Each supplier should check the supplier code and be acquainted with its contents.

Encourage you to ask your manager or another member of senior leadership a question, obtain advice or raise concern. If you are not sure whether you wish to express such concern directly or whether you wish to stay anonym, you can submit a sensitive article on this website or call the toll-free helpline at 1-888-738-1915.

We will treat your reports as confidential and discreet. In either case, the competent undertaking will examine the dossier thoroughly and take appropriate measures if necessary. If you have enough free speaking and private space, please let us know.

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