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Our company is responsible for the registration of Hackney carriages (taxis) and private rental cars and their drivers in Leeds. Taxis and private rentals When you want to transport people for rent and rewards - the rewards could be cash or not - in a car with eight or fewer occupant places, you need a license. Thus, for example, a hostel providing a pick-up or drop-off services requires a license even if the guests do not charge a charge.

We have two major kinds of vehicles that we can rent out to the public: Drivers and vehicles must be in possession of a valid driving permit for private rental or hackney trips. Drivers of vehicles may also require a driver's permit if they make private rental reservations directly. The on-line application may be made by or on account of the chauffeur of the vehicle or any other interested person.

You can use this on-line complaint tool to make a complaint about a cabbie, car or cabbie.

Rental of private persons, driver, operators as well as cars

It is the aim of this authorisation to ensure the payment of fares to passengers by guaranteeing that cars are secure, dependable and convenient, that service providers are effective and that chauffeurs are regarded as appropriate. May only be used by a chauffeur licenced by us for private rental. At work, the operator must carry his badge so that it is clearly visible to the general population.

For security purposes, it is very important that members of the general public do not get into a car they think is a private rental unless there is a proper badge and the chauffeur is carrying the proper one. A license is required to run a private rental shop in Wigan Borough.

The private landlords are located throughout the district and usually make reservations by telephone. The number of cars and the number of driver that can operate under this license is not limited. Effective 1 October 2015, the ECOFIN European Parliament and Decree No 245/97 of 1 October 2015, the European Parliament and the European Parliament adopted a decision requiring the European Parliament and the Council to grant licenses to private landlords for a five-year term, unless special conditions necessitate the granting of a license for a short time.

For more information, see the above "Apply for a license to run private rental vehicles" app. Our goal is to identify applicants within 21 workingdays of receiving a filled form request form together with your full fee. It is recommended that you study and familiarize yourself with the conditions for private landlords. They shall be annexed to the certificate if it is drawn up.

Private rental vehicle owners are obliged by law to have a driving license. In order to obtain a private rental driving license, you must: Effective 1 October 2015, the EU Parliament was obliged to grant licenses for private hire hauliers for 3 years. Therefore, any request addressed to us from that date and approved at a later date will be made for a three-year term, unless special conditions necessitate approval for a short time.

For more information, see the above link "Driving license request for private rental vehicles". It is recommended that you study and familiarize yourself with the conditions for private drivers. They shall be annexed to the certificate if it is drawn up. Those vessels must be registered. In order for an approval to be granted, the vehicle must be checked for its mechanical accuracy of fitting, safety and comfort.

Whereas the Coucil is obliged to grant licenses for private rental cars for a term of 6 to 12 consecutive years For more information, see the above Car Rental License Request form. Concerns the Rates of Default of registered Rolling Stock checked in the Transport Depot of the Rates.

In order to solve this problem, we have created a Best Practice Guide for Maintenance for Vehicle Owners. The purpose of these directives is to help owners ensure that cars are always ready for use when they are licensing. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the conditions for private rentals.

They shall be annexed to the certificate if it is drawn up. Discounts on car registrations are possible for: Fill in the appropriate request forms. If indicated, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange an opening date for your submission. You are kindly requested to fill in your job offer as well as to send the corresponding fees and documentation to your meeting. Further information on the selection process can be found in the guidelines for each individual proposal.

Fill out our on-line enquiry to arrange an interview to apply for a new driving license for your hackney carriage/private hire. Make an appointement. After sending a filled out claim you will be contact with date and hour of the date. Because of the large number of enquiries we receive for new chauffeur applications, there is currently a wait of more than 6 months for dates.

Fill out a health care card and it will only be available for 4 month. Finish your treatment near your scheduled time to prevent extra work. We recommend that you apply for an extension at least 8 week before your license expires. Fill in the full details of the claim and make sure all parts are filled in (otherwise your claim may be rejected).

If you have made your booking on-line, a DBS web page will be sent to you by e-mail. The day of your visit you must contact the Wigan Life Centre licencing desk. Failure to complete the DBS on-line request or failure to have all the necessary information or documentation available at your appointed time will result in your request not being dealt with.

Further information on the necessary documentation can be found in the guidelines on the claim document. Your license will not be granted until we receive a complete DBS test. Please make sure that all renewals are received within a reasonable time to make sure that your new license is extended before the expiration date of your existing license.

Otherwise, you will not be able to rent private/Hackney coach cars until your driving license has been granted. Complaints regarding a private lessor, car or rider should be addressed to the licensees.

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