8 Passenger Plane for Sale

Aeroplane 8 passenger for sale

Last Updated Mon, Aug 6, 2018 8:36 AM. and 643 nautical miles (with four passengers). Every NW flight on a Monday morning has about 8-10 seats. and 643 nautical miles (with four passengers). It has 8 correct seats, a good WC, 4 hours range and strong performance.

KODIAK Quest for sale - aircraft sale

View a Quest KODIAK! KODIAK can take you there for almost any goal in the game. KODIAK' s on amphibious swimmers are setting a new global benchmark in aquatic engineering. According to Part 23 of the Federal Aviation Ordinance, KODIAK is certificated in the normal category for normal daily, overnight, VFR and IFRS flying. It is fitted with the TKS Ice Protection System for flying into known ice conditions.

Quest Aircraft has developed the KODIAK with the Garmin G1000 Aviation Kit to satisfy and surpass today's multi-purpose, global and certified needs while staying dependable and affordable. Here are some improvements you may want to consider, based on your geographic position and business. The following is optionally available to customize your Quest KODIAK to your needs or tasks/roles:

The XM WX Satellite System's meteorological information from take-off to descent increases pilots' perception of the situation through the use of the G1000 MFD's G1000 MFD's rich set of graphic visuals. In addition, the aircraft's built-in audio system allows you to listen to 170 different audio, message and sport programmes. There is nothing better than this TAS (Traffic Advisory) and TAS 1 (Traffic Collision Avoidance) system for additional safety in "see and avoid" road conditions.

Provides a fully self-contained, precise and dynamically controlled air travel monitoring system that is fully embedded into the vehicle's fully equipped seat. Prevent inclement conditions with the fully built-in colour camera. Completely built into the D1000, it provides an exact overview of the storm areas to prevent. Enables an electronically controlled copy of the Jeppensen comprehensive map and chart libraries to be directly displayed on the G1000's Multifunction Terminal Graph (MFD).

Arrival maps, flight characteristics, air space, respiratory routes and aerodrome maps are presented graphically. Outside Freight Space gives the Quest KODIAK and your business added value and versatility by providing 63 ft. of load capacity and the comfort of being able to drop the load, shut the doors and drive away - all without compromising your pace or power.

TKS icecream system on the Quest KODIAK allows you to make these "go/no-go" choices with certainty in winter. The system provides a degree of glacial control unmatched by any other system. Ultimately, the end product is an iceprotection system that has the main benefit of offering both anti-icing and de-icing capabilities to maintain flight efficiency in the icy conditions.

Three gallons of liquid storage and superfluous pumping, icing has no shot against the KODIAK quest. Explore grassy areas or do your business take you to these hinterland and isolated areas? KODIAK's enhanced oversize tyres give it more buoyancy and endurance on unsurpassed or partially enhanced finish.

Tundra's basic interior is light, but can stand the strain of the typical passenger and cargo combined charters. Removable easy to remove (approx. 30 seconds each), the seat is easy to stow between passenger and cargo. The passenger service units make available at each of the 8 passenger terminals outlets for clean exhaust ventilation and read-out lamps.

Each passenger is seated with headsets that allow everyone on the plane to enter the aircraft's internal communications system. The Timberline has all the features of the Tundra, but with enhancements such as carpet interiors, leatherette accents, seating shelves and drink racks, you'll fly in style. Tundra's new Timberline is the perfect choice for the most discerning of tastes.

The Timberline seat has added padding for added convenience, and the detachable rug provides added convenience, heat and sound insulation. Timberline is the right choice for you if you are looking for the robustness of the KODIAK but do not want to do without it. Summit's top flooring features executive chairs, wardrobes and carpets that make it easy for you to meet for your next deal on the way to the site or your next venture.

These interiors also make the Quest KODIAK ideal for families! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information on the indoor space of the summit. You' re using climate control in your airplane going to the airfield, why not in your Quest KODIAK? Extends the default 115 ft capacity and provides all travelers with an additional connection for additional use.

The Garmin G1000 Integrated Avionics Suite:

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