Propeller Plane Flights

Flights with propeller planes

How's it feel to be a customer on a propeller plane? I' ve flew a multitude of propeller aircraft, from mono powered Cessnas to Fokker Fifties, and they all have that penetrating hum. When I fly the plane, I have the benefit of having a beautiful kit of noise-canceling earphones and microphones, which makes communications quite simple. You don't get them as a traveller (on a scheduled plane, at least I'll give you a kit if you're sitting in the back of my plane!), so the conversation with your neighbour is more of an practice of senselessness.

Now you can buy noise-canceling earphones - that's the ambience they're built for - but without the mics and a way to plug them in, you're just insulating yourself. Propeller aircraft are usually smaller, light, slow and lower flying than aircraft, so you'll be more likely to see the full effect of thermal and turbulent air, especially on hot summers.

Turbo hasn't crashed a plane yet, but they have produced a few lunch. On propeller aircraft, too, the room tends to be somewhat narrower. Actually, my trainer and I are sharing the shoulders during a whole trip. Industrial propeller aircraft have fairly basic seats, but you may not be able to get up as comfortable as you would on a bigger plane.

Entering and exiting the aircraft is a little more challenging, as many propeller aircraft have the third gear in the tail and therefore stand at an incline to the floor. Generally, although I find propeller airplanes a little adventurous. It' much simpler to see what's going on and it's much more relaxing and much less ventilated than an airliner.

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