Boeing 767 Interior

767 Boeing interior

Use these seating arrangements for your next American Airlines flight to get the most comfortable seats, legroom and backrest on Boeing 767-300 (763). McDonnell Douglas MD-88 - McDonnell Douglas MD-90. > Boeing 767-300 (76P).

300 (763)

On-board entertaining screens are fitted to all cabins and the main cabins are equipped with OHPs. Business Class cabins provide air travelers with direct flight connections to the airline's tray, which is equipped with a large number of films and television programs. Every place in Business Class and Main Extra cabins has AC connections.

Electrical connections are not available in the main cabin. Soft drinks are free on all departures. Alcohol is free in Business Class and in the main cabin on certain long distance intercontinental services. A first-class cuisine is available for Business Class travellers. Principal cabin occupants on certain U.S. long distance intercontinental and intercontinental services will receive free multi-course menus.

In the main cabin, you can buy sweets, snacks and wrap bins on other routes (US inland, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico). For more information on the individual classes, see the "Travel information / During your flight" section on

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There is AVOD (Audio and Video OnDemand) for both class on this plane. In addition also the entrance belongs to over 4100 MP3s and Radiosender. This airplane is equipped with AVOD (Audio and Video OnDemand), where each pitch has full HBO movie playback and over 18 satelite network and tens of matches.

Each First Class chair has 110V AC electricity and you can either buy your own $2 on board. Through the Gogo website, Delta Airlines provides online connectivity. It can be accessed as soon as the plane has reached a cruise level of 10,000 ft. Alcohol can be bought for $7 in Economics and is free in First Class.

Ready meal service can be provided in first-class on flights over 900 mile. The Delta designates this airplane as 76P for Hawaii services and as 76Q for all other inland services. Panasonic AVOD provides this airplane to entertain on all Panasonic AVOD flight.

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