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Private jet B787

2-DEER, the world's most luxurious private jet, cost an estimated £230 million to produce. This Boeing 787 Dream Jet from the Chinese private jet company Deer Jet can be chartered for an incredible 25,000 dollars per hour. The B787 Dream Jet is the biggest private jet in the whole family.

And if you really want to make it big, the charter of the world's biggest private jet - the VVIP Boeing 787 Dream Jet - powered by Deer Jet is a big leap in the right direction. What's more, the VVIP Boeing 787 Dream Jet is the world's biggest private jet. The Deer Jet was China's first private jet operator and runs a 90 plane flotilla serving 180 destinations and 820 international destinations.

The award was given the World' s Leadading Private Jet Charter award by the World Travel Awards last December. The new Dream Jet is the pinnacle of his family. A renovated B787, the Dream Jet has a 2,400 square meter stateroom that can accommodate approximately 330 people, but is now designed to accommodate only 30 people.

These 30 are pampered with the highest degree of lavishness in this airplane known as the "flying penthouse". The Kestrel Aviation Management unit is the US based unit behind the modernization of the planes. There is a full range of services available from our crew of pilots and pilots to suit every mood and imagination of the passengers on the boat.

There is a large wood dinner area with a porcelain and crystal glass finish and can host several people. There is a private area where the visitors can relax for the after-party. Long-haul B787 can travel 17.5 nonstop hrs and 9,800 air mileage - in other words, it can travel to any part of the globe.

Hire this ultra-luxurious Dream Jet and we're sure you'll never have a "Are we here yet?" second.

A Boeing Dreamjet: lnside Dreamliner 787 aircraft has become the BIGGEST private jet in the word | Travel News | Travel News | Travel

The BOEING 787 Dreamliner became a private jet, this breathtaking deluxe airplane was called a "flying penthouse". gigya.socialize.showShareBarUI(showShareBarUI_params) ; Der VVIP Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet begeistert am London Stansted Airport. A look from the inside at the breathtakingly sumptuous interiors shows exactly why this singular airplane is an eye-catcher. However, the huge 2,400 sq.m. airplane has undergone a lavish transformation to become the biggest and most lavish private jet in the entirety.

The luxury jet designed by Kestrel Aviation Management has been in service since 2009. More than 17 hour flight time and 9,600 nm cruising distance. Qantas, the Australia based carrier, has just started to sell seats for its groundbreaking voyage from the UK to Australia made possible by the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

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