1300 Cabs fare Estimator

Thirteen hundred cabins Fare estimator

Compute your New York City taxi rate with the current New York City taxi rate for 2018 (officially set on January 1, 2015). We will then calculate an estimate for your upcoming taxi ride in Toronto based on the route profile and valid taxi fare. Pennsylvania taxicab taxi rates. Online help for the taxi tariff.

Taxis rate estimator on-line help

In order to prepare a fare quotation, the following information is required: Collection and destination can be any: You can also add extra information to improve your fare. To start your journey at a specific point in your life, you can select the travel date by going to the travel option and specifying a date.

In the absence of a specified period, the fare estimation is computed on the basis of the actual period. For trips with five or more persons or when a bigger car is needed to carry additional baggage, a high occupancy rate will be used. In order to obtain an exact estimation, choose this if applicable to your itinerary.

To make extra stopovers between pick-up and travel to the places of your valued journey, you can enter them with Add Stop. The addition of an intermediate destination is done in the same way as the addition of a pickup or going to location. 2. To enter your adress, places of interest and railway station or to select a card, see below.

You can delete one or more waypoints by pressing the Delete or Delete All Buttons. House/Building / House number, street name and suburb or city. For example, if you type a subaddress, such as only street and suburb, or only suburb, the estimation precision decreases because the exact position of the real start and end point of your journey is not known.

Instead, an approach is used along the road or in the middle of the outskirts. Sometimes, when an adress cannot be checked against the entered detail, a drop-down menu with alternate adresses is used. Choose the desired location from this drop-down menu or start again and enter a new location.

If you want to type either a Point of Interest or a Station, choose the appropriate tab. Choose first the Landmark or suburb type of your taxis or railway line and then the desired site from the available selection-lists. A complete listing of place and abbreviation numbers cannot be provided due to the large number of possible cases.

In order to know which place name will be acceptable, try and mistake may occur. In order to choose a railway you have to choose a railway line first. You will then have a choice of available railway stops along this route. At present only light rail systems and railway stops are contained.

In order to move on the card, use the right mousebutton and draw the card or use the wheel (circle with the arrow N,E,W,S) in the upper right hand side of the card - in the gray menubar. In order to append a point to the card for one of the pick up or going to or via points, right-click on the precise position on the card.

After you click on it, you will be asked to choose the point on the journey where you want this to happen: It is possible to delete all points at any moment (including those added from the tariff form) by choosing the Delete all checkbox when right-clicking on the card. In order to make a fare estimation, you can use any of the combinations of the card and the fare estimation forms.

You can use, for example, the maps to localize your pick-up point and the Estimate page to choose a milestone for your way to the site. When traveling with five or more persons or when a bigger car is needed to carry additional baggage, a high occupancy car must be used.

In case of high occupation a higher tariff will be applied, so this alternative must be chosen if the above mentioned requirements are met. In order to printout a copy of the estimated fare, click on the View and Printout Fare Estimates Buttons. A small dialog opens with the information about the fare, which you can printout using the printout fare pushbutton.

Card and fare can be easily scanned and reproduced by using your web navigator to view and download the entire page. Prior to starting your printer, you must adjust the backgrounds to ensure that colors are plotted so that the Fare Estimation screen appears properly when you start it.

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