Chartered Institute of Administration

The Chartered Institute of Administration (Chartered Institute of Administration)

Chartered Institute of Administration/ACIA,MCIA,FCIA, Lagos, Nigeria. The Chartered Institute of Administration (Chartered Institute of Administration) Chartered Institute of Administration is a chartered institute of administration, a formal audit institution founded in 1987 and chartered by Federal Government Act No. 103 of 1992 - Now an Act of the National Assembly, Cap C7 Laws of The Federation of Nigeria, 2004. Among other things, the law authorises the Institute to govern the standards and practices of administration in Nigeria within the scope of occupational affiliation.

The Institute's members hip is exclusively based on an exam and evidence of hands-on work. There is a general recognition of the need for good governance and thus the generation of prosperity and jobs. It is a development state with enormous financial assets, and if we do not have good managers in managing the various business areas, not only will we not thrive as a land, but we will endanger our overall financial viability.

An important task of the current administration has been political reforms aiming at enhancing the mechanisms of governance and the provision of services in general. You can only become a member of our institute if you have passed the ACIA aptitude test and meet the requirements for hands-on work.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Administration

Three levels of vocational affiliation exist, as outlined below: All persons who have persuaded the Board of their suitability in terms of their level of academical and vocational competence and who have been members of the Institute's management in established administrative practices for at least six (6) successive years and for at least three (3) years.

The Community is the highest level of affiliation. The Council believes that it has done the Institute particular or excellent work. 1.2 Each claimant must fill in the application for affiliation, fill in all information on the application forms and make payment of all required surcharges. An annual conference to inform members about the latest innovation in the field.

Internationally recognized member with the capability to be an authorized course supplier for student who prepare for the Institute's vocational exams. Globally and professionally identified. Possibility to appear in the Institute's magazine, which provides a worldwide publishing space for specialist papers. exposition to worldwide possibilities in consulting, research and practice of the profession.

Overall coherence of the trade to help raise a powerful common voiced defence of the trade's rights and worth. A multidisciplinary status, recognised by demanding professionals for your promotion to the top group of business administration. It also gives you a sense of personal responsibility and separates you from the charlatans.

It guarantees you an independent activity as a certified manager in the field of civil service and offers you consulting directly to the general public, which covers the whole range of the multidisciplinary fields of expertise of the profession, namely....:

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