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Cabin prices - Phoenix Mesa Gateway - Mesa Forum If I calculate taxis and shuttle services on-line from the airports lists, my ticket cost is approximately $30-$50. What about a less expensive option? I' ve been working on Uber & Lyft, but both seem to have blended ratings and I have concerns about security. The Lyft is registered at the airports and very simple to operate.

The Lyft application can be downloaded for $50 in fare via my recommendation link: It' not to begin a Uber vs. Cab debate (everyone has their opinion)...but just to take something into account, since I suppose you have never used Uber before. Since I haven't taken Uber yet in Phoenix (will do it next month), but I've taken it all over the USA.... there's never a problem, fare is lower, car maintenance is newer/better (as they are the driver's own cars), and they get to places other cabs won't go.

Remember, while you're being followed about your whereabouts on your smart phone, you can text everyone your itinerary so they can follow you in real-time, and you know who's going to drive you around because everyone is agreeing to the trip before it begins (a photo of your chauffeur and the number sign of the Uber appears when you agree).

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Transport and airport taxi shuttle service.

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