Cheapest Vlj

Lowest price Vlj

It is the cheapest personal aircraft in the whole wide range - and it is a real turning point. While the Airbus A380 superjumbo may be the next big thing in personal aircraft, the miniscule Cirrus Vision is the next real turning point. With $1.96 million, the midget Cirrus is the most affordably priced personal aircraft on offer today. Vision Jet's serial aircraft made its maiden voyage in May 2016.

Kowalski says the Vision Jet targets are privately owned and regionally operated airline companies. Cirrus also believe that the Vision Jet is a logical evolution for the present owner of the company's beloved range of high powered reciprocating engines. Here is a more detailed look at the Cirrus Vision Jet.

Cirrus Vision is the latest entry into the very lightweight jets family. It' immediately clear that the VisionJet is different from anything else out there. The Vision Jet has a striking V-tail instead of a conventional control surface. Consequently, Cirrus maintains that the Vision Jets can cross at 345 Mph with a max operational height of 28,000 feet and take off at only 2036 feet. According to Cirrus, the Vision Jets has a cruising distance of 1,150 leagues at 345 or 1,380 leagues at 276 feet.

Because of its charcoal fibre design, the Vision Jet provides large window areas with....... Garmin's Perspective Touch software automated many of the aircraft's systems, thus cutting the burden on the crews. The Vision Jet uses side stick instead of a conventional yokes.

The Cirrus has also installed an enveloping system that keeps the airplane in a secure air traffic position and prevents the pilots from endangering the airplane. The Vision Jet can actually be piloted by a sole operator. In addition, the Vision Jet is fitted with the characteristic Cirrus system that can be used in an emergencies situation.

Cirrus says the system has saved over 100 lifetimes on the company's other cars. For Cirrus, the Vision Jet is one of the most sought-after product. In the first year, Cirrus will manufacture around 40 aircrafts, with annual output set to stabilise between 100 and 125 aircrafts in the years to come.

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