Srilankan Airlines Lowest fare

Lowest fare Srilankan Airlines

Are you looking for a great offer for your next SriLankan Airlines flight from India? Didn't you? Saving varies by origin/destination, duration, date of visit and select tour operators. When you do not obtain an ATOL certificate, the reservation is not ATOL-secured. When you are awarded an ATOL certificate but not all parts of your journey are included, these parts are not ATOL-approved.

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Mombai with fast calls and cheap rates

The SriLankan Airlines is taking up a second day trip to Mumbai to provide fast flights to the Mumbai-Melbourne area. On 29 October 2017 SriLankan will commence flights to Melbourne on a day-to-day basis and has been supporting Melbourne to India since Victoria began selling tickets at the end of May 2017. As Blue Swan has already analyzed, SriLankan offered only fast links from Melbourne to three of its India targets - Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi.

Sri Lanka recently heralded the launch of a second day trip to Mumbai from 29 October to 2017. Our new flights Mumbai-Colombo land in Columbo at 22:50 or one minute before 23:50 from Columbo to Melbourne. Excluding this trip, arriving from Mumbai-Melbourne, the only possibility available to travellers from Mumbai-Melbourne was to use the night flights from Mumbai to Columbo, which landed in Columbo at 5:35 a.m., resulting in a stay of more than 18hrs.

In the first four month of the Melbourne sale, this was the Mumbai to Melbourne link that Sri Lanka tried to resell. Colombo-Mumbai's current SriLankan service links Melbourne-Colombo well with Melbourne-Colombo and offers a stopover of 1 hour 25 minutes towards the exit. A reasonable one-way link, however, is not good enough for most people.

Rapid bi-directional links to Mumbai are crucial to the vitality of the Melbourne-Colombo line. Whilst Australian Sri Lanka transport is increasing locally, the size of the Australian transport network is not nearly large enough to provide a day-to-day transport solution. Sri Lanka is therefore highly dependent on transits beyond the borders of Columbo. Australia-India's one-stop destination is the primary destination, but without a competitively priced Melbourne-Mumbai Melbourne model, SriLankan would have fought to gain the volumes of Australia-India transport it was aiming for.

The SriLankan operates 14 flights to India and still does not offer fast links from Melbourne to several side ports. The fast links to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai mean that it now has an appealing range of products in the four major Melbourne-India economies, which together make up over 70% of Melbourne Australia's population.

After Delhi, Mumbai is the second biggest travel goal from Melbourne to India. Since its launch in Melbourne, SriLankan has offered a fast two-way link in the Melbourne-Delhi Melbourne region, but Air India has a distinct edge in this region because it provides a non-stop service. No non-stop travel from Melbourne to Mumbai or other towns in India.

According to OAG Traffic Analyser figures for the first seven month of 2017, Air India is competing in the Melbourne-Mumbai booking engine but only makes up about 5% of total reservations in Melbourne-Mumbai. The Singapore Airlines (SIA) is the leading airline between Melbourne and Mumbai, with 36% of reservations. With a 19% stake, Malaysia Airlines is the second biggest provider, followed by Qantas with 12%, Thai Airways with 9% and Cathay Pacific with 8%.

Qantas does not operate flights to Mumbai, but instead uses a code share with Jet Airways via Singapore. The SriLankan Melbourne-Mumbai tariffs start at less than AUD600 and include tax. Sri Lanka generally now has the lowest prices in this area. SriLankan is also one of the quickest transits and provides a full range of services and one-world points.

SriLankan now provides the shortest passage from Mumbai to Melbourne at 13:25, thanks to the new second route Mumbai-Melbourne. Between Melbourne and Mumbai it also provides the shortest overall transits of 14h45min. The SIA, Thai, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Air India and Cathay Pacific are offering Melbourne-Mumbai round-trip fare from AUD800 to AuD900 inclusive of tax.

AirAsia X is the only LCC choice, with the lowest fare slightly higher than Sri Lanka, but lower than other full-service airlines. Sri Lanka now also has the lowest seat in Melbourne Mumbai, with all returns rates beginning at less than AUD3000. The AirAsia X Airline offers slightly higher AirAsia X air fare rates for full services and at least 50% higher AirAsia X full services.

The AirAsia X will offer a reclining front row seating arrangement in both segments, while Sri Lanka will have a reclining front row seating arrangement in Melbourne-Colombo (powered by A330) but a standard reclining front row seating arrangement in Colombo-Mumbai (powered by Airbus family of A320 aircraft). Sri Lanka, however, has an edge over AirAsia X as it provides a comprehensive range of classroom services plus full lounging facilities.

Sri Lanka is certainly a cheap choice for Melbourne-based companies operating in Mumbai.

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