Cost to Rent a small Jet

Costs for renting a small jet

Little propeller planes fly much slower than jet planes. This company manages a list of private jets that can be rented, with an interesting twist: "Name your price. Privatjet Charterfl├╝ge - Privat Jet Rental Service CEO and CFO Keith Rabin says that about a third of privately owned jet planes are empty. Instead of traveling an empty aircraft, they are offering the fare at a low price (prices begin at $499.) Available tickets are booked the previous morning, so using the deals means you need to have flexibility in your itineraries.

You' ll probably find a lot of flight connections from Teterboro (New Jersey). During the Masters, there were many trips to Augusta. Which other advantages does the Privatflug have? "The best thing about privately scheduled air travel is that you don't have the problems today's airline passengers have," says Rabin. Let us once again take the example of Atlanta to Charlotte.

Playing a classic Delta can take a grand staggering five hour journey based on where you stay and how long it will take you to get to the area. This is probably almost the same amount of free travelling that you would need to get from Atlanta to Charlotte - which many travellers do instead of dealing with airports.

However, if you take a personal jet, arrive at the terminal 10 min before your plane leaves.


Nodding to the wealthy private individual that Kestrel Aviation Management - the company behind the airplane - hopes to rent, the commercial shows the airplanes equipped with high-fashion, yacht magazine and Chanel flags. In June, Deer Jet, the Beijing Capital Airlines company behind the airplane, is planning to present further routes.

You can see the plane at Stansted Airport at the moment. Deer Jet's deputy chairman, Frank Fang, said in a statement: "Deer Jet's signing services are based on the principles of power, style and differentiation.

How much does it cost to hire a personal jet?

Often folks call us and ask: "How much does it cost to hire a jet? As there are many variable factors associated with charters of privately owned jets, each will affect the cost. How much does a personal aircraft cost? Whilst you could use your next salary checks to buy your own personal jet, charters are a much better choice for the vast majority of travellers.

The Charter provides all the advantages of having a personal jet without the cost and effort of maintaining it. In addition, when you charter a flight, you can choose the airplane that is right for you. No matter whether you're going over to the Hamptons or taking your entire meeting room abroad, the cheapest airplane for the trip will be quite different.

There are a variety of different types of privately-owned aeroplanes. These can be small turbo-props or lightweight jetliners, medium-sized or large medium-sized jetliners, large jetliners or luxurious executives. Of course, the airplane dimensions indicate how many passenger and how much baggage can be stored, but also how far the airplane can travel without refueling.

One traveller with very little baggage and only four to six passangers could make a brief jump into a turbo-prop airplane like the Piper Seneca. For example, a 40-minute trip from Montauk to White Plains would cost about $2,800. Travelling with more baggage in your wake and needing a bigger airplane increases costs.

It would cost about $4,435 to fly an entire 1 hr from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in a lightweight aircraft like the Cessna Citation CJ. Since the aircraft are entering the medium to large mid-range class, fares are continuing to rise. The 1.5-hour Los Angeles to Aspen trip on a Cessna Citation Winter Class 8 passenger supermiddle -class Citation will rise to $23,200.

An extended trip in a similar mid-size superjet - for example, a three-hour trip from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale in a Gulfstream G200 G280 (nine passengers) - would cost about $33,500. A longer trip with a smaller plane - for example a four-hour trip from New York to St. Maarten with a medium-sized Hawker 1000 - costs about the same amount: about 34,670 dollars.

Of course, the costs increase with increasing flying times. When you think that you can safe your life by renting a small aircraft for a long trip, this is unfortunately not always possible. A longer aircraft has to be bigger to cover the route without having to stop to fill up.

Apart from the travelling period until the trip, there are extra charges associated with the stop to fill up, so you won't always be saving up. For example, a long-haul trip like New York to London would involve a mid-size jet like the Bombardier Learjet 60XR or a heavier jet like the Gulfstream G550, according to how many you have.

When you want to expand for a corporate gathering, you could get even bigger with a luxurious plane like an Airbus A319 or a Boeing BBJ. Naturally, these large corporate executives are the top of the industry and prices are rising accordingly. In order to make things even more complex, the overall dimensions of the plane and the duration of the journey are not the only elements to be included in the definitive offer.

Booking a personal charters with up to 75% discount is possible. It is referred to as an "idle flight". It is possible to reserve these services at extremely low cost, otherwise the aircraft would fly empty. The next question is: "What does it cost to hire a personal jet?" Go over the complex mathematics.

When you are a practical kind of individual, you can immediately get a quotation by using our price leader for Privatjetarter. As an alternative, our agents can also put together a personal jet charters offer for you in no time at all.

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