The iMac is a family of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc. s_span class="mw-headline" id="Historique">Histoire[edit] DeveloperApple Inc....

ManufacturerApple Inc. Segall worked for an advertising firm in L.A. that took care of Apple's bankroll, invented the name "iMac" and told Steve Jobs. 12 ] Apple later adopted the letter "i" in its end user instrument and code mark for commodity much as iPod, iBook (advanced MacBook), iPhone, iPad, and various code commodity much as the iLife Suite and iWork, as excavation as the institution's instrumentality player/store, iTunes.

"There is no such thing as Stage 3," was the slogan in a favorite iMac ad told by Jeff Goldblum. Another spot entitled "Simplicity Shootout", which plays seven-year-old Johann Thomas and his frontierollie Brodie in an iMac against Adam Taggart, an MBA at Stanford University, with an HP Pavilion 8250, in a competition to equip their computer.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple said it would switch the Macintosh to the xt86 and Intel's line of core CPUs. On January 10, 2006, the first Intel-compatible Macs were introduced: the Intel iMac and the MacBook Pro Intro. Apple switched the whole Macintosh line to Intel within nine month.

Apple upgraded its iMacs line on July 27, 2010 to integrate the new Intel Core i-series CPUs across the line. "5 "5" model now have the Core i3 CPU, but these can be upgraded to the Core e5. That day, Apple also introduced its new Apple Magic Platform tracks, a MacBook Pro-like trackspad for use with iMac or another Apple computer.

And Apple also launched an AA NiMH charging device designed to make it easier to use rechargeable NiMH cells in these peripheral devices. The Apple provides the ability to use a solid-state disk instead of a large mechanic one. A new iMac (for a November/December version) with a much slimmer rim, a new Apple Fusion DRIVE, higher speed CPUs (Intel Core 5 and i7 Ivy Bridge) and port upgrades and graphs was released on October 23, 2012, but with the same overall port height (standing depth: 8 inch (20th inch)).

October 16, 2014 saw the release of a new 27-inch (69 cm) iMac featuring a 5120 2880 pixel "Retina 5K" screen as its keynote. It was the first Macintosh computer with a built-in memory card, but without a memory card disc player.

Following the iMac, Apple has removed older peripherals ports and disk drive from the remainder of its line of software. Apple's subsequent launch of the iPod, iBook G3 (Dual USB) and iMac G4 (all with snow-white plastic) led to similar themes in other companies' entertainment electronic devices. Although the built-in styling isn't a critique of iMac per se, it has some intrinsic compromises that have provoked it.

Dan Frakes of Macworld proposes in The Mythical Mac Minitower mid-range Dan Frakes of Macworld that Apple has little to provide with the iMac, which occupies the mid-range range of the Apple line of products, to users who want some capability to extend or update their computer but don't need (or can't afford) the Mac Pro. There were rumours of a "headless iMac"[27] for some considerable period of history before the Mac min was launched, but the G4 Mac min had lower power than the iMac, which then had a G5 CPU.

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