Multi fare Flights

Mulit-tariff flights

Which is a Multi City booking? Would you like the flexibility to choose the flight until the last minute? To see our recommended itineraries and fares, click on the passport or extension of your choice.

Liberty to make several flights and make up your mind later!

Reward your travellers for your agility! Reward your travellers for your agility! You can book more than one flights Keep several flights and make up your mind later! Would you like the freedom to select the last moment of your journey? Multi Book Hooking Options (MBo) gives you the convenience of holding several flights and later deciding which one to take.

Until you make your definitive choice, your reservation will not change. So if you choose to book the original trip yourself, your reservation will not change. Boost your travelling versatility and enhance your flying experiences with MBo. Take your step to more trip agility with the Multiple Book Your Trip Multiple Booker ( Multiple Booking Option MBo ).

When you do not have your Passenger Name at hand, use the "Advanced Search" to find your reservation with your air travel data. Select whether you wish to receive a round-trip ticket for your trip and then enter your favourite alternative flights and the maximum travel times.

Up to 3 different alternative flights can be selected from the results shown and the required timeout (up to 1 working days before the initial departure). You can choose the most appropriate route at any point before your stop. You have the option to choose an alternative route that you would like to keep according to your travelling needs instead of trying to match your needs to flights made.

Choose from a range of great alternative flights and date choices to keep full track of your itinerary. They no longer have to deal with last-minute problems to determine airworthiness. Just do what you have to do and make up your mind later which flights suit you best.

It is up to you to choose which flights you wish to operate and by when. Their reservation stays up to your definite resolution unaltered. This means, if you want to travel with the alternative flights, you will be re-booked, otherwise your flights will stay the same. Fulfill your obligations as they arise to achieve maximal effectiveness without having to worry about the timetable.

Being free to select the most appropriate aircraft for your journey will increase your efficiency. a) If you are traveling on a plane but want more flexibility, then MBo can help you make your dream come true. MoBo allows you to obtain confirmation of your preferred extra flights available, and up to one working days before your scheduled date of arrival, you can select the flights you wish to use.

In this way KBo provides you with flexibility and increases your travelling pleasure. Now, in the case of uncertain itineraries, you are no longer exposed to either missed flights or missed appointments, but rather to the convenience of selecting the last-minute route according to your requirements. b) When registering with KBo, you can also select the IBo period (either 1 or 3 working days before your departure) up to which you can select the route on which you wish to use.

You are guaranteed a place on the My bo trip until the My bo period. c) Your reservation will not change until you make your ultimate choice. So if you choose to book the original trip yourself, your reservation will not change. I) Sam is reserved for the Friday night but needs some travel flexibility.

II ) To maintain agility, he registers for MoBo and selects the Saturday Mornings flight as his extra MoBo one. III )With his BBo, Sam has the right to choose until Thursday night (i.e. one Friday before Friday) whether he wants to go on Friday or Saturday. IV )Sam's reservation will remain the same until he makes his definitive determination.

However, if he chooses to depart on a Saturday, his reservation will change to a Saturday one. Otherwise, if Sam chooses to take the Friday plane, his reservation remains the same. V ) This gives Sam extra versatility to tailor his flights to his needs and improves his overall viewing pleasure.

Guaranteed that I will be transferred to my own flying mode? Yes, KBo guarantees* (see conditions of use) a place on the KBo ticket until your chosen time. Accurate prices depend on various variables according to your itinerary, date of travel, high/low seasons etc.

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