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Example Airport Taxi Business Plan - Executive Summary

The Premier Airport Transportation Services (PATS) is a Cleveland Airport transport group. The PATS offers a limo-like chauffeur services without the typically high limo prices. Though PATS is not a real Stretchlimo car, it is a high-end high-end car. The Premier Airport is managed by Sam Brougham, a transport vet. For the third year, PATS has forecast sound revenue.

At present Cleveland has four suppliers of limousines and four taxi companies. Cleveland also has airport car parks for long and shorter journeys and a suburban railway system offering airport facilities. The Premier Airport Transportation System will close the gulf between the moderate taxi business and the high-priced limousines.

PATS will be particularly appealing to both family and business travellers due to its mid-price segment. Services will address the family as a sensible and comfortable option to car rental and airport car parks. For business travellers who need a more luxurious option than taxi but don't have such a paralyzing effect on the company's corporate itinerary, Premier Airport Transportation is the right choice.

At PATS, we understand that their keys to business excellence lie in delivering unsurpassed levels of client support. The Premier has highlighted the importance of delivering services to drivers' workplaces by giving driver incentive financials for better services. It ensures that the best possible levels of client care are provided at all levels and in all interactions with the business.

The Premier Airport Transportation Services was established and is managed by Sam Brougham. As a taxi rider, Sam began his transport carrier, a revenue stream to get Sam through his schooling. Mr. Sam then joined Yellow's support division and took over management of Yellow's call centre. Sam's logistical and support expertise will be critical to the continued prosperity of PATS.

Premier's logistical expertise will enable it to operate highly efficiently and its client services expertise will help it gain a distinct advantage over its competitors. The Premier Airport Transportation will meet Cleveland's unmatched need for a low-cost, high-quality airport transport solution. By the eighth months, the company will have reached break-even point and be doubling its turnover from year to year.

PATS will suffer a net annual deficit in the first year, while they will make a respectable net annual income in the third. 20% annual improvement in client satisfaction through better performing and verbal propaganda. Premier Airport Transportation Services mission is to offer the best airport transport services available to our clients.

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