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And there are many low cost Sri Lanka departures at any season of the year, so take a look at the choices and organize a trip to Southern Asia today. Sri Lanka is the right place if you want to enjoy a quiet bathing vacation to charge your battery. Sri Lanka is far away from an usual seaside town.

If you are taking a flight to Sri Lanka, there are other attractions: If you are visiting Sri Lanka, locomotion is simple. Rent a vehicle in Sri Lanka and drive to beautiful places like Polonnaruwa.

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Sri Lanka, a drop-shaped isle, only 31 kilometres off the south shore of India, is often referred to as the "pearl of the Indian Ocean". All in all, it is not difficult to comprehend why every year tourist travel to Sri Lanka booking a flight to experience this paradise. It may be nice and quaint, but Sri Lanka is also steeped in tradition.

Trips to Sri Lanka bring you to charming Sri Lankans, a lovely isle and a full vacation adventure. The Sri Lanka is a tropic land with sea breezes that cool the damp heats. The temperature seldom falls below 16 degrees Celsius in winters and an annual 32 degrees Celsius in summers. The months of the month are from mid-October to January and wet the area.

The monsoon period is between May and July and between December and January. ExpoAir is the only Sri Lankan air transport company that operates between Colombo and Jaffna.

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Sri Lanka hovers like a drop dangled at the end of India in the Indian Ocean, a tropic paradise like no other. As Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as "undoubtedly the most beautiful country of its greatness in the world". Sri Lanka has no doubts about its problems with the violence between the Tamils and the Sinhalese and then with the disastrous 2004sunami.

However, Sri Lanka and its inhabitants are able to work under pressure and are so kind that it is difficult not to laugh when you talk to them or learn about their cultures. These are part of the reasons why so many vacationers choose that Sri Lanka is definitely worth a try. Looking for great value flight deals for your next vacation in Sri Lanka?

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