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Check out the latest Houston taxi fares for the City of Houston, Texas and use our free calculator to estimate the cost of your trip! About vs. taxi prices by city If you look up the over-kinetics in your town, it looks pretty well known to you. It has a basic tariff, a fee per kilometre and a fee per minutes. Taxi drivers calculate passengers per kilometer when driving and per minutes when Idle.

About charger drivers per miles AND minutes, whether they are on the move or idle (except in Philadelphia, where Uber recharges per minutes only when your driving pace falls below 11 MPH).

However, in most towns over-charges exceed taxi-charges. We used UberX tariffs for this purpose, the company where the driver uses his own vehicle. Figure 1 shows what the tariffs for a taxi and a Uber vehicle would look like in each town. Taxis/Upper " shows the taxi rate in relation to the over rate.

Above 1 rate, as everywhere except New York and Philadelphia, means that it is less expensive than a taxi - that is, until the price increase achieves this one. A Uber-Auto in L.A. is less expensive for this model journey, even if the prices rise up to 1.7x.

It is also important to remember that you do not have to tip your over-driver. to their cabdriver. Adding a 20% tip to the taxi rates will make Uber look like an even better offer and will beat cabs in every town we analyze. What are the changes in tariffs for different types of journeys?

Now, let's look at the same 5 mile stretch without idle and assume you're tiping your taxi cabbie 20%. Excess fares decrease with increasing speeds, which makes perfect business as Excess fares and travel times are calculated for you. So if you only drive 15-20mph, a cab in New York is cheap.

However, when the pace rises, Uber becomes a better business. At this point, the taxis begin to charge you per minute and wait for the changing light or stop-and-go stop. You' re assuming 5 mph and 20 MPH when you move. With increasing periods of idling, the tariffs of both airlines rise by a similar order of magnitude.

The idle period does not seem to influence whether you should take a taxi or a Uber-Auto. If you consider a tip if you are in New York City and there is a lot of travel (i.e. you can't drive over 20 MPH), a taxi is best. Otherwise Uber seems to be less expensive.

However, pay attention to the fluctuations, because 2x is more costly than a taxi in almost every town.

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