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About Alaska Airlines Mileage Registration

Member of Mileage Plan Dining Login. Virgin America Elevate and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan accounts. Log in to your Alaska Airlines account. Choose "Mileage activity" on the left side of the web page. As soon as your application is approved, sign up to purchase miles.

Use the Alaska Miles Plan Purchasing Portal to collect miles.

Did you know that you can accumulate additional mileage in the mileage schedule by just making purchases now? The Alaska Airlines Mileage Map purchasing platform allows you to collect Mileage Bonuses with just a few additional mouse clicks! and more! Guide you through the Alaska Mileage Map purchasing site to maximise your mileage!

In order to earn mileage for their purchase, shoppers must first register with the Alaska Mileage Plan purchasing site. You do not need to login separately if you are already a Mileage Plan member - just use the login you have. Unless you are a Mileage Planner member, you will need to open an affiliate bankroll.

As soon as you are signed in, you can search dealers and promotions. You will find tab pages at the top of the mileage plan purchase page for ease of use. When you click on a merchant, you will see the mileage per dollars and any other recent promotions. To purchase from a particular merchant and earn your loyalty mileage, click on the orange "Shop Now" or "Shop Offer" icon that will take you to the merchant's website.

As Alaska Airlines tracks your purchases via cookie, make sure they are activated in your web browsers! As soon as you have made a qualified buy, Alaska will credit the accrued mileage to your mileage balance and send you an e-mail to verify. Please note: If you make a buy at a merchant without visiting the Alaska Mileage Plan website, there is no way to use your points retrospectively at that point.

By clicking on the "Stores" button, you can alphabetize, rank by merit, or just browse for a dealer you have in Mind. Sometimes it is possible to collect even more points through specific purchase promotions. Alaska, for example, last past this spring was offering a 300-mile reward on $150 in issue, or 1,000 reward mile on $350.

There is also a Deal of the Week in Alaska Mileage Map Shop that features a particular retail store. They usually include a merchant who issues a higher number of mileage per dollars than what he normally will. Often these promotions only last a single weeks, so act fast if you want the extra bonuses!

Samsung, for example, at the moment of the letter, highlighted a $1 gift in order to make 1 point per $1 instead of their regular $1 gift of 0.5 point per $1. Finally, under the "Offers" page, you can easily move down to see a listing where you can see the latest sale and voucher code for specific merchants.

More than 850 retail stores are currently available to select from when purchasing through the Alaska Mileage Plan Purchasing Web Site; you may have seen some of them in the above pictures. Even if you may not see such high rates as other retail sites, earning Mileage Plan Mileage is still a sound choice as you can earn Alaska's mileage for great trips!

In order to really increase your capacity to collect Alaska mileage, make sure you select a major online payment method that can also increase your income. They can also collect Alaska mileage directly from their co-branded Bank of America tickets. As an Alaska Airlines enthusiast who earns mileage, using the Alaska Airlines online store is an excellent way to do a few more things - especially if you're fortunate enough to buy during a specific promotional time!

Only a few additional klicks are required to sign up, so please review the Alaska Mileage Plan website first when you shop now! You should accumulate your mileage quickly at all major retail stores! Earn 2X points for travelling and eating in global restaurant & 1 point per dollars for all other groceries.

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