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Reduced Multi-City Flights

Offer deep discounts on flights and daily and weekly travel offers. Is it possible to book a multi-flight trip on the website? In order to display the details of the flight, select the "Show fares" button.

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Aim: To get step-by-step instructions on how to book a multi-location trip in ConcurGov, on the ConcurGov home page, choose the Trips page at the top of the page. Choose "New authorization for trips". "You can also choose the "New Booking" option from the "Shortcuts" drop-down list, which will take you to the Trip page and the "New Authorization from Travel" drop-down group.

Choose the "Multi City" pushbutton. In the Temporary Duty Locations (TDY) box, type the first travel point, either an agency site or a reference point. "Then choose the magnifier symbol and validate the position. Type the origin in the From box if there is no standard in the traveler's traveler name.

In the " Departures " section, type the date of your trip. If necessary, activate the tick next to "Pick-up and return of vehicle at airport" (not shown, see 010 Job AIDS - Making a Travel Reservation to view the process of reserving a hire car). Activate the option next to "Search hotel" and type in the selection criterias for the desired name.

In the next Temporary Service Place box, type the second target. Specify the date and hour of your trip as described in 3. If necessary, check the Hotels and Rent a car boxes. Next, specify the arriving flight, date of your flight and hour. When there is an extra TDY site, type the query by following 4 above and selecting the "Add Segment" links.

Once the selection criterias have been typed in, click the "Search" icon. Click the "OK" icon in the pop-up to confirm your target. All cross-country flights are chosen at the same aime. Notice: The results of the fare query show all route segments of the flights. In order to view the detailed information of the flights, click on the "View fares" icon.

Specifying the rate instead of a look fee means that there is only one rate for that particular trip and it can be chosen if required. Store by schedule " provides the option to choose the starting point and each intermediate rate individually to meet the traveler's planning needs.

Tariffs quoted for the particular trip are displayed on the trip detail page. Govt. Contracted - Diskcounted should be selected when available. Note the "minor breach" and "significant breach" tariffs under the other tariff. Select the best airline to fulfill Sarah's quest by clicking the price tag icon.

On the Review and Reservations page, scrolls down to pick a seating location (if available for the flight) and enters the Central Billing Account (CBA) or IBA as the pay mode, according to the traveler's/staffDiv's operations department policies (OpDiv/StaffDiv). Click the "Reserve and resume flight" link to book this one.

There is a warning symbol in the form of a warning symbol, labeled "Lesser policy violation", which indicates a contractual area that is not the lower tariff. There is a warning symbol in the form of a significant breach, which indicates a room that is not a contractually agreed tariff. The choice of one of these rooms will lead to a travel guidelines infringement screen which will require a reason for the choice of room.

Click the tariff pushbutton next to the selected room price. On the Review and Reserve Hotels page, down cycle to view and accept the hotel's fare detail and cancel policies and click the Reserve Hotels and Continue icon. Then, if the subscription contains more than one credential, please either specify the preferred option or validate it before selecting the checkbox to accept the hotel's cancel policies.

For the nearest TDY facility, follow step 10-14. Make sure you choose the FedRooms tariff for the second TDY site. On the Review and Reservation page, browse down to view and accept the hotel's fare detail and cancelation policies and click the Reservation Hotels and Continues icon to book the second one.

If your account has more than one credential, please check or uncheck the option to accept the hotel's cancel ation policies before selecting the checkbox. Click the "Next" icon to continue. Specify a name for the journey in the " Trip Name " text field. Click the dropdown list "Type key" to display the travel category.

Enter a travel text in the text box "Document detail". Click the "Next" pushbutton. Browse to the bottom of the page and click the "Confirm Booking" icon to make your booking and permission.

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