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Learning to Flight at Princeton Flying School

When you or someone you know is considering flying education, it is advisable that they first take an introductory flying lesson at Princeton Flying School.... One of our FAA Certified Instructors accompanies the pupil to an aircraft, where the Princeton Flying School teacher demonstrates the pre-flight control of the aircraft.

Next, the future pupil sits in the right place, while the teacher sits in the right place. The Princeton Flying School has double control on all its aircraft. Thereafter, the trainer will guide the pupil through the take-off, flying and landings, with the pupil taking over most of the flying!

Students Flying for One Class - We suggest this Princeton Flying School class for those considering flying education, as flying is counted toward the necessary lessons when the individual exercises their private pilot card. There is no requirement, however, if you attend an introductory session.

The Princeton Flying School introduction flying lessons are available every weekday by arrangement. The gift vouchers for the taster course at Princeton Flying School can be redeemed within one year of purchasing. Present vouchers are non-refundable. Willing to plan a $199 introduction flying lesson? Simply call Princeton Flying School at 609-921-3100.

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