Honolulu Aircraft Rental

Hongolulu Aircraft Rental

Well-maintained quality aircraft are available for hire at affordable prices from The Right Flight Services. Are you interested in leasing your aircraft? Aircraft Rental Club in Honolulu Hawaii, which offers a club membership to pilots in Hawaii and provides cheap aircraft to visitors. The BPFS aircraft are available to all qualified pilots who belong to the BPFS and have proven flight competence at the published hourly rate.

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George's Aviation Services is your one-stop Hawaii location for on-demand inter-island travel. There are also privately chartered trips, flying lessons and aircraft rental. George's Aviation provides part 141 & 61 of the flying lessons. Whatever your education status, you can choose from a pool of seven aircraft and skilled flying teachers.

George's Aviation also offers support for all of the flight trainees in Hawaii. If you are a Hawaiian inhabitant or a Hawaiian tourist, we have a rental opportunity for everyone. HAWAWAI ACERIES are available around the clock, seven nights a week. 24/7. Our Piper Chieftains eight passengers flight crew offers charters between the islands in air-conditioned comforts.

To ensure your security, we deploy two pilots with instruments on all our flight missions. Transport service is also offered at our Honolulu site. George's Aviation Travelation Service offers luxurious transfers to and from your Honolulu International Airport accommodation or major airport terminals. George's Aviation is an FAA part 135 airline based in Hawaii.

We are authorised to offer HAWAI inter-island aircraft charters for emergency shipping, time-sensitive freight, hazardous goods and human organ transport. Find out more about the latest students' achievements, the latest headlines and keep up to date with great aeronautical information.

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At The Right Flight Services we offer well-maintained aircraft for hire at reasonable prices. Are you interested in renting your plane? With The Right Flight Services you have a pilots store for all your pilots needs! Since 2003, The Right Flight Services has been busy training humans to learn to fly. Our main goal is to bring our pupils together with teachers who match their own personal needs.

Our trainers are all seasoned and knowledgeable and can help you learn the right way to flying the first and foremost. We started our own flying in 2003 when we were asked how to learn to Fly. Subsequently, we extended to offer flight-related service beyond airline education to offer our clients a one-stop-shop flying service offering on the Oahu Isle.

We tailor our service to the specific needs of your aerospace activities and training so that you can realise your dream of succeed. Find out more about our tailor-made aircraft rental and servicing service. Introductory flight! Aerospeed Technical Services' IA and A&P mechanical staff provides regular servicing and FAA inspection of all General Aerospace aircraft.

TRFS, the perfect air space for flying education, operations from Kalaeloa Airport - John Rodgers Field. The Kalaeloa Airport is a Category B air space with its own entry and good airport accessibility. "It'?s the best flying academy on oahu/the best flying academy I ever flew with. With 16 years of aircraft rental throughout the country, I have gained a lot of experience with flying colleges.

It is a privately owned company and everyone in the familiy is professionally and is really friendly and enjoyable. When I came across this place I had a quarrel with another flying academy in Oahu because I could never go flying because of the upkeep.

So I called the right air training center and went down the road. and they said they could make it. There were some setbacks from bad weather conditions and servicing (as you would expect from normal flying), but they always did their best to get me to fly again.

Maintanance is carried out by the owner's boy, Josh, who is very skilled about all their aircraft. You keep good records and the aircraft in good condition. Once I also went flying with Grant, I have a good flying record and have passed through several aircraft cash registers and traveled with innumerable flying instructors.

" Both Grant and James are at a different standard from the great vast majority of the flying teachers. Subsidiaries and mothers who also run the flying academy are very competent and can usually answer any FAA questions you may have. It is one of the few flying colleges I have come across that still has good sanity and with which it has been a joy to do busines.

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