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At All City Taxi, we always strive for good judgment, value integrity, diversity and respect for all people. Ballston Spa, Malta and Lake George are also part of our service! Leaving my little wallet with keys in the cab with money and a transit card. The entire City Taxi Service is located in Rock Springs, WY. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for All City Taxi in Philadelphia, PA.

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At All City Taxi, we always strive for good judgement, value retention, variety and mutual trust. The Greater Metro Denver Area and the cities around it are served by us. We accept all common credit card types, are on duty 24 hour a days and we have now provided you with a portable application to make your taxi reservation even more comfortable.

Obtainable from the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. Please call us today to order one of our taxi cabs for disabled people. and I' m happy I phoned All Cities Taxi. and I' m happy I phoned All Cities Taxi.

Downlaod the Advanced Public Transportation Program (APP) and book your taxi-drives! All Cities Taxi is now available in the Apple iPhone Store. In order to get the application, go to the Apple Store application on your Apple machine and find All Cities Taxi. All Cities Taxi is now available on the Android Marketplace.

In order to get the application, call the Marketplace application on your All Cities Taxi phone and find All Cities Taxi.

City Taxi Inc 2024 S 122th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 - ALL COMBINED

Did call the major number to make a complaint. I can' say enough horrible things about this taxi business. Well, I phoned the evening before to reserve a taxi. And when I phoned them, they said they didn't take bookings. When my pick-up came and went, without a taxi in view, they shouted at me 15-20 min AFTER they were to be there - just to tell me they had "NO available cabs in the area" to bring me!

At least twice aweek that I take... At least twice aweek that I take, I take a taxi home because it's too late to go home four leagues. It cost me $10. 50 or so, always. so I thought until I was driving 2 leagues south west in the wrong way to take the highway, where we had to go my way out because no one in the firm had thought of informing the riders about the building that was going on, then turn around and leave eleven blocks away from where we started. 22 it was and although I REALLY didn't want to tip over, I gave him 3.

WORLD' SLOWEST SERVICE ON THE EVE..... DON'T USE THAT TAXI COMPANY!!!!! DON'T USE THAT TAXI COMPANY!!!!! Leave my cell behind on the taxi and call her a few hour later to look for him. Saying that they were contractual chauffeurs, said that they had no powers to tell the chauffeurs what to do, tried to dismantle any responsibilities!

They refused again and again, they were extreme impolite, didn't want to answer my telephone, so I actually went to their South 12th Street offices to do it. DO NOT USE THIS TAXI COMPANY, because if you loose something on your taxi, you will never get it back!

I' m not sure which taxi service it was, so I send it to everyone, I' m in despair, I don't know how it is possible that a taxi rider doesn't tell me the case he found in his bag. Just think that there are still good guys out there and that the taxi guy might not have seen that it was in there.

Yesterday evening I took a taxi from 24 and Moore to 8 and Fichte and the taxi rider was angry because I used my ticket to pay and not in money, then he got angry because I didn't tip on my ticket, I wanted to give it to him in money, but after the way he behaves, I didn't give it to him at all, some of the riders need more after sales train.

INSECURE DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Very very very insecure chauffeurs are employed by this enterprise. ARE VERY VERY VERY UNSURE! INSECURE: VERY INSECURE RIDERS. DON'T USE THIS NAME. PHILADELPHIA'S POOREST TAXI COMPANIES! Insecure riders!!!!!!!!! Listen to my warnings, do not put yourself or someone you like at risk, they are the most dangerous riders on the street... I was severed and searched sideways by a rider who was crazy!

DON'T USE THIS FIRM! AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. You go with any other business, this business is completely terrible. POOREST TAXI SOCIETY IN PHILADELPHIA - EXTREMELY INSECURE................................................................................ Don't call that a taxi service. Taxi dips into the taxi 2 hour later, the chauffeur doesn't even turn on his counter when we get to my target, he says his $20 target was 10 blocks away $20 the chauffeur was impolite and didn't even say a single English thing, don't call that taxi firm, you'll be sorry. I' m not reliable, the owner's a communist.

The taxi calls 2 hrs later, calls another firm, doesn't trust these people! He jumped into the vehicle and didn't even turn on the parking meters when I arrived at my final location. He charged $20 for a 10-block drive as I went to recharge it on my map. He went crazy.

I left a bash with my boyfriends one evening recently and it was too late to get the El. And so I sent for a taxi for everyone. Chauffeurs were kind, but cheating. Through Northern Liberties our chauffeur took us into the old town, after 76 East towards St. Bahnhof Thirty. Rather than getting off the 76 at either St. or St. 30th or St. South/Spruce, the rider took us to South Phillly, over the viaduct to Southwest Point.

We made a side trip through the southwest of the village of Phillly, then continued on Baltimore Ave towards University City. At the end of this round-about, which was a terrible way to go home, the rider told us that it was the best itinerary. I was there on July 4th when I had just reached Philadelphia International.

Just glad I got in a taxi and an All City rider was there. Well, he raised his counter and it was 28. Fraudulent chauffeurs should be removed from the duty schedule, they give your organization a poor reputation. I' ve also never been forced to type a resume so far, I'm down here on shop and after using all the city every time I get out of the airfield this evening, the first night that I was told I couldn't use a major currency was I had to make payment because the taxi driver needed it, I said you're fooling me that he answered no, I gave him my $100 taxi bill in cash. I' m sorry, but I was not able to get the taxi bill.

How much do you think I got with me for the REEST OF THE WEEK?! Never again, I'll use a shuttleshuttle next weekend. See, I'm sitting here spending my free moments before I depart 2 hours later than scheduled for my Labor Day excursion, thanks to All City Taxi. I' ve been a loyal client of All City for two years now, and you'd think that would be enough to get a taxi in good shape if I needed it, but no.

Brauerei-Tourplans ( the taxi showed up an hours after they had told me, only after 2-3 telephone calls), a gig (20 min too late, one call from me), Dinnerreservations (the taxi showed up 40 min too late, after 2-3 calls), and now taking the Greyhound-Bus to D.C. (I completely forgot my coach, so at least 30 min too late).

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