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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. AC Cab Rental Service Provider, AC Cab Rental Service & Luxury Taxi offered by Red Taxi from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We are RedTaxi is a luxurious taxi service in Coimbatore founded by a group of prospective entrepreneurs.

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Rotes Taxi in the Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore-641043

The RedTaxi is a luxury taxi company in Coimbatore established by a group of prospective taxi drivers. Begun on 21 June 2012, we are hoping with your help to make RedTaxi an effective and rewarding one. Pure doing our best says it all and is a sign of the stunning on-road experiences we want to offer.

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Customer service, complaints and Red Taxi ratings

Hi, before I booked I was informed that the whole parcel would be 427 R5 inclusive park fees, but I was billed 660 R5 after the journey. On 30 Aug we made an appointment for a red taxi on 30 Aug in which they were asked to be at Madurai International at 1445, I had to be on schedule for my further business meetings and we stood in front of the airfield in warm weather.

At 1500 hours, when I was talking to the chauffeur about the cause of the delays, I just arrogantly answered the conversation with the reservation office, when we phoned our client services, they gave us various reasons and said that they would find out the situation and inform us immediately. Drivers accident: The red taxi that runs for a client supplied the next refurbished road four van-stand.

Roter taxi rider full loudness the tracks full revenced motioning full quick rapid crash under the images. Total loss for ac please call the ac rider for further information. Drivers cell phone number[protected]. Further one more thing taxi drivers do not won aboard vicchle only won aboard Please do not forget for the ages of 20 to complement the drivers k tang & respect for the next sports of the owners.

Sir, we chartered a taxi on the 1st of APR to the train depot on the 2nd of APR at 5:45am. Our reservation had been confirmed the evening before, but until 5:40 the next morning we received neither a phone call nor an MDG from the comany.

About 5:40 o'clock we phoned again and then they said that they have already allocated it and the chauffeur will call soon. Drivers call us at 5:50 and tell us he's in Sunda Riveruram. Pitiful duty and this is not the first but the third occasion......... We' ve made a reservation for a red taxi for the fourth evening and asked her to be with us on May 5 ( today ) at 8.30am.

Despite the confirmation of the reservation this mornings they still haven't sent the vehicle in due course. So when we phoned our support, they gave us various reasons and said they would find out the state and let us know immediately.

That was very indefensible on the part of our client services. Using the mobil phone on January 11, 2018 I posted the night to organize the pick-up on January 5. I could at least have been notified 1/2 hour in advanced by the owner, so that I have enough spare to find an alternative choice..........

The taxi was arranged at the stop of the mill at 8 pm. at 30 am (Today) 26/12/17 and my reservation ID is cra[protected] Chiuffeur number[protected]. I was 5 minutes too early due to the busy road, but your taxi did not understand my lateness and spoke very proudly. He also began his counter without my knowing and held it in the drink rack before I reached it.

And he said to me, "He will not bring me to my house, and he abandoned me in a solitary place, where I..... By booking a taxi as a 4 hour parcel, I anticipate that they will charge the correct estimated journey time. E.g. I went to Ishah and I was said that I should be travelling for 4 hours, the rates would be 1000 Rh.

The Red Taxi is an amazing taxi company, works pretty well in Coimbatore, but in the erosion where they have been working for the last 6 month, it is annoying to order a taxi. Living in the centre of the town, I have ordered the taxi from my telephone and that of my spouse and from the red taxi application over a hundred places, each and every one I have to go back to the starting point and the end to the owner (and in detail explain) who is unaware of even the most famous sights in the erosion, and then the chauffeur keeps calling to ask my position, and he is unaware of the most fundamental....

Rotes Taxi - bad talk. Scrolling client. Tonight we have to choose Colimbutore to reach the line UTAG AUDYAAR VEDHI. Thus in Colimbutore train depot lot red taxi desk we booked auto he scrollte and said that we do not come and if we need taxi, we repaired 200rs payed. What is servicing?

It'?s your red taxi ride. Your red cab switch guy's overdue, too. If not, nobody respects our services..... In the old days, I used to tell folks to take a red cab. It is my first poor red taxi ride and hopefully my last. I' ll never get into another red cab again or refer a red cab again.....

You' re the one who gave the taxi the poorest shot. Unreliable customer care. Poorest services. 5 p.m. between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. in an unpaid taxi. I was astonished that the counter read s 500 was a taxi rate for the track, which should hardly be s 250. Because the taxi took a road via Rajarhat, the taxi operator demanded that it be an genuine ticket.

Taxi number was WB04 E7400. Since I was on my way home after a long trip and was loaded with a lot of baggage, I could not bear to go far enough with the problems of that year. Tonight we book a red taxi from the Kolonie to Hopes Cbe... which is 5 to 6 km long.

Taken the long distance that even I have carried to take the road esi si? sa akaraisettiyar, but the rider disavowed and took the funny road that led directly back to Hopes Collegiate Stop n back to the place. Rotes Taxi - Drivers are not good! I saw a red taxi in the early hours of the day parking in the NO PARKING AREA and therefore had an incident in Coimbatore.

and I don't know how to ride for him. Red Taxi, please ask the taxi chauffeur to be very serious while driving. No matter what the reason, we never go to the Red Taxi. I' ve got a red cab on my booking. Twice telling the chauffeur to go slow and alert to ditches and bumps because one of the passengers is five month pregant and was picked up home from the clinic.

Bitingly the chauffeur prematurely rode and competed with another red taxi on the way, as if they were driving together. Do these cab companies do that? We flew with the Red Taxi Service from home to a guesthouse around 14.15 o'clock last night. Rider was so tough from the start.

Poorest available Red Taxi Booking ID for 20 March 2014 18:59 is B[protected] Cabin No. 0272 Driver Cell Phone No. Following the complaints to the support department; they will call you in about an hours time: more than an hours ago: I wrote in this FB article. I' ve used this feature more than 16 occasions to the best of my ability; problems like this have occurred lately;......

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