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Your company is looking for a new or used Boeing Business Jet for sale? And if you buy a used jet, you have to organize an inspection. Archives of the Asian Market - Privatjets for sale

What is the impact of the tariffs on the US private jet industry and the emerging Chinese BizAv market? The passion for US-China commerce has been growing since August 2017, when President Donald Trump initially agreed to sign a Chinese government memorandum to focus on what he sees as an unappetizing array of business and commercial practice.

crorporate jet isider what is the state of the art in personal and business air travel around the world? Globalisation of the economy has attached enormous importance to it. Business managers need to get where the business leads them, and business carriers are not the..... In China, there are signs of an upturn in business aviation, given that sector experts anticipate an upturn in business in 2015.

The sale of business jets recently launched on the China scene has already been a real adventure, as they are both economical and.... China's privately owned jets are relatively new. China's rapid pace of economical expansion between 2009 and 2012 led to more and more people being able to collect large amounts of money - and the demand for new jets was high.

China has historically not made flying a personal aircraft simple for its people. Maintaining a sovereign control of 80% of air space by the armed forces, China faces significant barriers to obtain a commercial aircraft licence. Over the last five years, the air transport sector in China has really recovered. Mr Bloomberg noted that there are now more than 330 privately owned aircraft in China, and purchasers are predicted to buy 40 in 2013, up from 27 ordered in 2012.

Buyer of a business jets....

Second-hand business aircraft in the " positiv " stage of the business aircraft lifecycle - Flight Ascend Consultancy

The used business jet segment is undergoing one of the toughest cycles in several years, with stabilizing levels and a worldwide fleet of planes now at a 10-year low. Flight Ascend Consultancy expects this dynamic to persist for the time being, as favorable fiscal reform in the U.S. - the world's biggest business aviation industry - and growth in worldwide markets will boost buyers' trust, which in turn should help boost the sale of new planes.

Attending a live online seminar on July 10, Daniel Hall, one of the leading analysts, described the industry as "one of the most positively performing in years. It points to a worldwide stock of less than 2,000 business jets sold in June, representing less than 9% of the entire population. It is the smallest value in a decade and is below the 10% mark typical used to describe a "healthy" business jet population.

Stocks of aeroplanes for sale between six and ten years of age dropped by 38% year-on-year to 295 vehicles - less than 6% of the entire fleets in this category, as Ascend shows. There was a 32% decline in the number of one- to five-year-old airplanes for sale, with 164 sold in June accounting for only 3% of the entire population.

"Producers are encouraging that the stock of young planes has decreased significantly," says Hall. As Ascend states, 2017 was the smallest ever 2017 increase in fair value for the fleets in some forty years. She reported an overall decrease of 7.1% compared to the previous year. In comparison, the figures fell by 11.6% in 2016, 9.4% in 2015 and 9.7% in 2014.

Out of the 35 business jets examined by Ascend in May, 20 had increased in value since the beginning of the year. They include most supermedium class jets, such as the Gulfstream G200 and G280, Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350 and Dassault Falcon 2000EX/LXs. During the same time, wide-body aircraft experienced a "more measurable appreciation in value", adding the Falcon 7X, 1900LX, Bombardier Global Express/XRS, 5000 Vision and G450 to their outstanding performance.

In the case of jets in the lighter and medium categories, value growth was largely confined to less than five-year-old jets, such as the Cessna CJ4, XLS+ and Sovereign+. "A few bags in the industry are still soft," Hall says, with the lowest level of popularity for over 15 year old bags and those that need an costly upgrading to meet the NextGen mandate of the U.S. Department of Defense ADS-B Out, as well as those of Link 2000+ and ADS-B Out, which are expected to come into force in 2020.

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