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The Gulfstream Air Charter offers daily flights to Cuba from Miami, Orlando and Tampa at low prices for individuals and groups in our fleet of jets. We have unsurpassed Gulfstream Air Charter experience and expertise in aircraft management. This airline mainly operated codeshare flights for large airlines.

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There is no airplane that better defined privately owned charter as the Gulfstream line of Premier and Premier Company Yachts. Gulfstream is a name that is synonymous with luxurious travelling with personal and corporate airplanes. More Gulfstream planes have been bought, resold, operated, administered and charters by than any other company in the industry. All our research and analyst staff have in-depth understanding of the Gulfstream model family.

Gulfstream can provide professional Gulfstream fleet operations with the highest level of expertise and reactivity and with our unprecedented charter operations, both personal and commercial; we can significantly lower your operational expenses through charter revenues. The company is the global market leading provider of all Gulfstream charter and administration services.

To see the many Gulfstream jets available for your corporate and personal charter needs, please take a look at our air charter fleets. For more information on the specialisation of Gulfstream Aviation in the charter and chartering of Gulfstream jets, please go to

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Founded in October 1988, the company commenced business on 1 December 1990. Originally used as an on-demand air taxicab between Miami, Florida and Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, it was shifted to the Bahamas when the Haitian politics brought the surgery to a standstill. May 1994 saw the signing of a code share with United Airlines.

Gulfstream began transitioning from a Part 135 to a Part 121 in December 1995, enabling the operations of large planes such as lease Shorts 360 turbo-props. Gulfstream's mother airline, G-Air Holdings, purchased Paradise Island Airlines in August 1998 and maintained its de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7s.

Before American Airlines acquired Trans World Airlines (TWA), Gulfstream was active as TWConnection as part of the Trans World connection group. The Gulfstream International Airlines had a programme in which first flight attendants payed for their education in the Beech 1900 and became first flight attendants with line qualification. The same applied to skippers who from 1992 onwards prepaid 15,000 dollars, while Avtar International took over recruitment and promotion.

What were known as'pay to work' programmes began with Avtar International reselling multi-engine times in 402s ships of Stars, with the Miami Flight Standard District Office assuring that this could be logged. The Avtar International was founded by Vic Johnson of New Jersey and Bill Veiga, a former test driver for La Forcella. First, most interns were sent to Gulfstream's main rival, Airways International, because Gulfstream had only one plane, a 402Bessna.

When Gulfstream grew further, they took over the Avtar pilot population. Soon the takeover of 15 Beechcraft C99 C99 commercial aircraft added a turbo prop programme. At the same time, Avtar was offering an intensive turbo prop programme with Airways International on the SD3-330. The programme ended with the downfall of Airways International and was only temporarily recovered with Gulfstream's own SD3-360s.

Whereas the claimants for all of the Gulfstream powered aircrafts as captains and first officers payed, the overwhelming majorities flown the 19 passengers of the Beechcraft 1900. Gulfstream interns have been recruited by many other carriers, among them large one. Most of them have become success flyers, but some were part of the crew of famous casualties such as Pinnacle Air flight 3701, Comair flight 5191 and Colgan Air flight 3407.

The Gulf Stream itself has never had a deadly crash. During 2009, U.S. Congressional and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigators blamed Gulfstream for counterfeiting flying schedule logs, letting crew members stay in the air longer than the Act permits, and performing below-average airplane mending. Gulfstream International Airlines, Inc. applied for insolvency cover under Section 11 on November 4, 2010.

In May 2011, Victory Park Capital took over Gulfstream International Airlines when it took over the Gulfstream International Group asset. The Victory Park also ordered 21 of the Beechcraft 1900D from Gulfstream from Raytheon Airport Credit Corporation. 11 ] These funds were used to create a new local carrier, Silver Airways, on 15 December 2011.

In the southeast of the USA, the carrier also fueled a piston-powered Cessna 402 Propeller-Jet. Skipar Springen Sie hoch ^ "Gulfstream International Airlines - Siège social". Hop up, Pike, Joe. "First SAAB 340 de Silver Airways doit prendre l'avion pour les Bahamas. Skip up to: a to " a to " Kultur Wars: Pilots Demise ". Gulfstream International rejects accusations of security breaches.

" Hop up Yu, Roger. "and Gulfstream International is filing for insolvency insurance. Upward leap ^ "Victory Park completes acquisition of Gulfstream International Group".

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