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The Apple Pro

Apple iPad Pro Whatever the job, the new iPad Pro is up to it - and much more. Retina's newly designed screen is as breathtaking to look at as it is to feel. All of this is combined with iPad Pro, the world's most sophisticated portable OS, iPOS. The world' s most progressive screen, the iPad has always provided the Ultimate Multi-Touch Adventure.

iPad Pro's newly designed retina screen is setting a whole new benchmark. View a featured list of the best videos in the game. Travel through unbelievably stunning pictures of star, planet and comet with the Retina screen. You can use Apple Pencil to create and print high-resolution renovated pictures.

5 inch LCD panel. The 5-inch iPad Pro has an almost 20 per cent bigger monitor than the 9th 7-inch version, giving you more room for more performance. ProMotion technologies and supports an update frequency of 120Hz. Whatever you use the touch panel - with your fingers or Apple Pencil - everything will be more reactive.

Apple's specially engineered anti-reflective lens makes the screen crisper and easier to read wherever you take your iPad. Dock makes it easy to open recently used applications and data sets. If you use Slide Over or Split View, both applications remain enabled so you can work with them at the same time. iPad Pro and iOS are perfectly suited for doing everything you want to do - all at once.

Power More efficient than most PCs. Fusion makes it easy to work with two applications simultaneously, retouch high-resolution images or play a game with the small size of the Fusion10X. Apple's proprietary picture waveform engine uses mechanical education to make your captured pictures and videos look astonishing. Now even more sharp.

Featuring an updated iPad Pro LCD monitor, the Apple Pencil2 is even more reactive and lifelike. With no other type of digitally printed ink you will be able to type, highlight and paint with such perfection. Transform your iPad Pro into a drawing table. and iOS. Just touch the Apple pencil on your iPad Lock monitor and a memo opens.

Dock makes it easier to get to your favourite and most recently used applications and data. It is especially useful for multi-tasking or navigation through applications. From iCloud to Dropbox, the File application puts all your data together no matter where it is. It' s beautiful for Multi-Touch, so you can easily transfer text, pictures and data from one application to another.

Switcher makes switching applications as fast as possible. In fact, it even recalls the combination of applications with which you previously performed multiple tasks. When using one application, you can open a second one directly from the Dock, and both applications remain enabled in Slide Over and Split View. Gaming and applications now deliver fantastic addictive and flowing experience that goes far beyond the desktop.

The iPad Efficiency The iPad Efficiency. The iPad is a great way to work, gamble and study. Featuring over a million applications engineered to take full benefit of the large multi-touch screen and strong chips, it can change the way you do the things you like. Although it comes with stunning features, an enhanced screen, two camera, ultra-fast Wi-Fi technology and all-day rechargeable batteries, 1 iPad Pro is still slim and small.

With 802. 10ac Wi-Fi and LTE Advanced, you can surf the web more quickly, watch videos and easily view and share your document from anywhere. And with an integrated Apple SIM4, you can access mobile phones in over 180 different locations. iPad Pro has the same great camera capabilities as iPhone 7.

Enhanced visual stabilisation and an iris of ?/1. 8 make it even better for taking stunning pictures and video in low lighting conditions. The Touch ID uses an enhanced touch screen that lets you immediately activate your iPad and protect your personal information in the app. It also lets you shop with Apple Payment in Apple Applications and on the web.

9-inch iPod Pro - when you need it. It' as simple to use as you can take it with you. iPhone + iPhone Get started here. Launch a Book on your iPhone and continue where you stopped on your iPhone. Capture text, pictures, or videos from an application on your iPhone and insert them into your iPhone.

Start an e-mail on your iPhone and quit it on iPad Pro. Or, copy pictures, videos or text to your iPhone and insert them into your iPad. With AirDrop, you can even exchange wireless data between your mobile phones. iPhone and iPad Pro are built to work not only with each other, but also with your Mac and Apple Watch. iCloud securely saves and keeps all your pictures, your favorite tunes, your favorite applications, and more up to date, safe, and available from any mobile phone.

Rugged cases, sleeves, Apple pencils, and smart keyboards are just some of the options available to help you get the most out of your iPad Pro. Convert your iPad into a new one.

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