Dbs Check for Private Hire

Dbs-Check for private landlords

DBS Online Taxi Driver Checks. Through the development of a customized DBS checking service specifically for local authorities, we have optimized the DBS checking process for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Badge applicants. The first step towards obtaining a private driver's license is an extended background check by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). PCO must be sure that you are safe, honest and trustworthy, and that you are the kind of person who wants to hire them as private drivers.

From January 2012, you must request an extended DBS check before submitting your PCO license request.

From January 2012, you must request an extended DBS check before submitting your PCO license request. In your job description, you must state a DBS-Referenznummer. DBS-Check scans your data from police registers and other resources, as well as the Police National Computer, and reveals sentences, precautions, references and warns.

Until now, this kind of examination has been called extended CRB examination. It' now known as the DBS check. PCO must be sure that you are secure, sincere and reliable, and that you are the kind of individual they want to hire as a private driver. The DBS check helps you to make the right decision and decides whether you qualify for the PCO license on the basis of this information.

Applications can be submitted either on-line or by mail, and this must be done via Onlinedisclosures.co. uk, which administers DBS Check on the instructions of the PCO taxis and private landlords. As soon as you have requested your DBS check and checked your ID, you will receive a unique registration number, which must be entered on the request card.

DBS Check is only available for 3 month, so please submit your resume as soon as you receive this number. Leaving it too long may force you to perform a new CRB check. It is not possible to apply completely on line. Click here to launch the DBS on-line app.

Fill in your data on-line. Choose the ID for the check using the on-line help and printout the document that contains a clear bar codeoken. Check your Swiss Post ID by taking along your own bar-coded paper and three originals proving your ID (e.g. driving licence, passport and bank statement).

In order to find the closest post office offering the ID validation service, please click here on the Post Offices page. Your e-Reference number (required on the PCO license application) will be emailed to you within 3-5 business working days. Please note that the e-Reference number is not valid. Alternatively, if you would rather order a hard copy package, you can contact Onlinedisclosures.co. uk at 0845 251 5000 or send an E-Mail to tphcrb@tmgcrb.co.uk.

It'?s a 58 pound request. 85 plus 7. 15 ID check pay. Until a DBS examination results, however, it is not possible for your company to handle requests. Remember that although it is still possible to levy a fee for drink-driving, but still entitled to obtain a PCO license, sexually explicit and abusive crimes will in any case preclude you from obtaining your PCO license.

If I have points on my driver's license, what happens? Earning points cannot stop you from obtaining your PCO license because it will depend on what the verdict was for, what penalty was passed, and how long ago it was. In the case of small infringements, you may find that there is no issue with your job but there is no clear yes/no for infringements and you can only find out after you have submitted your job offer.

However, please note that points on your driver's license may affect your premium. I' ve already had a DBS check, do I need a new one? If you have received a DBS check from your prior position, you will still need to fill out a new extended disclosure form as you will need a new DBS check for each new position you are applying for.

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