Boeing 767 Private Jet

767 Boeing private jet

767-300 Boeing V. I. P. Featuring 96 oversized light brown cowhide seating, all lying low, large corridors and an unprecedented room, this luxurious airplane is equipped with a full 96 seat cabin. This plane is ideal for a convivial atmosphere where travellers can meet and start their meal.

Fly with at least six complimentary VIPs on the plane, as well as enjoying culinary delights and services on all of your outings.

Its 170° tilt and 73" tilt make this B767 the ideal option for longer journeys. Travellers will be equipped with portable in-flight entertainments, and all seating will have sockets for charging laptop computers and trays.

Chartering a Boeing 767. Our private jet charter fleet

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767-300ER Boeing Private Jet Charters, sale and lease of private jets

Boeing's B-767, the slimmest wide-body aircraft in use, has an imposing reach and a width unrivalled cab, with a typical 7-seater side-by-side seat layout in economic configurations. The 767 has a rapid cruise of 459 km/h in additional to the 326 seats, most of which are in its category.

Boeing 767-300ER's default seven toilet facility can accommodate up to 350 passenger in a 1 and 269 passenger configurations, a 2 and 218 passenger in a 3 and 2 passenger configurations. Car is in a spacious design with 2 chairs on the outside of the car, with 3 chairs in the centre.

Operating from two pilot-operated decks, the cockpit is equipped with a full array of state-of-the-art aviation electronics to guarantee safe flying. Boeing 767-300ER's greatest benefit is its outreach. Offering a cruising distance of 7,260 mile, this airplane can fly trans-continental without difficulty. This plane also has a top velocity of .85 Mach or 567 mph.

The Boeing 767-300ER is fitted with state-of-the-art electronics and is able to take off from the main hub, even if it is fully covered by smoke or rain. Select up to 3 planes below to collate them side by side.

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