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Ranked as Singapore's most trusted transportation company. MAXICAB TAXI IN SINGAPORE. Taxi" or follow the links below. Click here for SMRT Taxis Booking App Terms & Conditions. Booking a Maxi cab in Singapore for the airport transfer via Changi.

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Asked for a Maxicab for us and the prices are set from SGD50-65 point to point. I was told by a boyfriend to try Grab (6-seater) or Uber (XL). As I needed a dependable internet link the next morning after our arrival Singtel (SGD 15) gave me a prepaid tourist SIM in a shopping centre.

The value of the phone is good for 5 day with 4 GB, 500 phone calls, 30 minutes of calling internationally to anywhere and 100 phone text messages.

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Click on the following link to make a maxi-cabin reservation via our online reservation system. Please call us at +65-65338833 or WhatsApp at +65-98486699 for telephone bookings. Please call us at +656533883333 or WhatsApp at +6598486699! For more information about the available sedan service please fill out the following link.

Or you can call us at +6565653388333333.

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CALL, BOOK, CONFIRM AND GET STARTED IN 15 MINS. Do you need a large taxi in Singapore for your baggage and your passengers? Get me Maxi Cab Singapore. Booking your maximum and we are here to offer you a great surgery. Our fleet consists of 4-seater executive limousine, 6-seater limousine, 7-seater maxi cabin, 9-seater maxi cabin and also 13-seater minibus.

Travelling through Singapore is easy. The Maxi Cab is one of the most preferred means of transportation for transfers to and from the airports. When you book our maxi-cabin, you are avoiding a long line at the airports to get to your accommodation or home. Do not do anything unnecessarily that will make your trip to Singapore pleasurable and comfortable.

When you are a group of 7 people, book your Singapore airport transfers with Maxi Cab Singapore. The Maxi Cab or Maxi Taxi is known for its large baggage compartment for your cumbersome objects and even bikes. The Maxi cabin can easily accommodate up to 7 people with 6 middle sized bags.

Don't be afraid, we have a 9- and 13-seater minibus. Booking a Maxi Cab Singapore, 10 minute response across the Isle. Airport transfer in Singapore, point-to-point transfer, maxi taxi, minibus and from your home to anywhere. The Maxi Cab Transfer is your best option for transportation in Singapore.

Journey in Singapore with style in our exclusive sedan. The 4-seat senior sedan is perfect for chauffeuring customers to company gatherings, airports and other occasions. Journey to Singapore in style in our Alphard or VellFire limos. Our 6-seater saloon is equipped with an exclusive internal finish so that your customers or yourself are comfortable on the boat.

Little families traveling in Singapore in our 7-seater Maxi cab. Point-to-point transports, aerodrome transport and also waste management every hour. Company booking for travels through Singapore in our 9-seater Maxi cabin. Suited for aerodrome shuttle due to the large seating and hood area. Large group traveling in Singapore in our 13-seater minibus.

Up to 13 seats can be accommodated, or 9 when traveling with 9 pieces of baggage. A maxi cabin trip is more comfortable than a taxi. When you book your flight to the destination with us, you arrive punctually at the destination and enjoy the atmosphere of your holidays with your family/friends.

If you are traveling in a group, it is much more convenient to rent a large taxi than to take several of them. You' re going to Singapore to do some errands? Rent a limoservice that drives you through the town to your meeting. There is a choice of minibuses to suit your needs: 13 Seater Mini Bus and 13 Seater Mini Bus.

Yes, VIP 13-seater maxi cabin! It is available for airports transports, company meetings and much more. Benefit from the versatility of the Maxi Cab on-demand one-hour charterservice. Large trunk for loading your baggage or even cumbersome objects such as bicycles, wheeled chair transport and much more. Pardon wait period (15 min for 1-way transfer) / (45 min for arrival - after landing of flight/ferry) then SGD10 for every 10 min blocks will be debited to the overall bill.

Pardon wait period (15 min for 1-way transfer) / (45 min for arrival - after landing of flight/ferry) then SGD10 for every 10 min blocks will be debited to the overall bill. Maxi Cab Singapore, one of the biggest and most luxury sedan cabins in Singapore, offers you a seamless and convenient journey to your goal.

Exclusively use Maxi Cabin Services for your personal or commercial purposes. The Big Taxi Singapore is the perfect group transporter, with plenty of room for up to 7-13 persons incl. baggage from 55 US dollars per group. Travelling with the whole of your extended family should be stress-free and unforgettable, so it is important for you to find the right journey to get around Singapore's stunning family-friendly tourism destinations with the greatest possible lightness and comforts.

Taxis' large interior spaces are roomy and feature a large legroom that provides sufficient room for passenger movement or stretching of feet, especially after a long journey. When travelling with your bags, this large cab has plenty of room for your bags. Getting the service of a well-grounded Maxicab carrier will not only solve your shipping problems, but you will also encounter our breathtakingly characterful chauffeurs who you can consider your friend during your stay in Singapore.

A maxi-cabin is available within 15 min after receipt of the reservation data. They can be anywhere in Singapore. Our service is always 24 hrs, Monday - Sunday, so we are there for you whenever you need us, whenever your plane is. Please call our Maxi Cab Hotline now!

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