Colombo to Kandy Flight

Columbo to Kandy flight

Booking your Colombo (CMB) to Kandy (KDZ) flight with our best price guarantee. Once you have booked your Colombo-Kandy SriLankan Airlines ticket, you can check the status at any time using the PNR number. Most Frequently Asked Queries Do you plan a flight from Colombo to Kandy with SriLankan Airlines? Here you will find everything you need to know about the itinerary. Once you have purchased your Colombo-Kandy SriLankan Airlines tickets, you can verify their availability at any time using the PNR number.

How long does it take to get from Colombo to Kandy on a flight from SriLankan Airlines?

SriLankan Airlines' non-stop flight from Colombo to Kandy lasts about 1hr.


Now you can get from Colombo to Kandy in 20 min if you take the Cinnamon Air flight. It' s a fantastic sight and quite on time; the only robbery, if any, is that a one-way pass will come at about 22K (much). Flight starts at Waters Edge in Battaramulla.

They must be there half an hours before leaving and travel all the way to the Waters Edge facilities, to the back lounges. Our airplane (a Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian airplane - it can be landed both by sea and by land) is only an eight-seater, so there won't be many people around us (there were only three of us on our flight).

Once the flight arrives, take a five-minute stroll on a small path in the grassy, out to the airplane that' waiting to take off at Waters Edge See. One of the most interesting individuals we have ever seen was our driver Pavel Wolski. He' s Polish-American and has been a flyer since 1988, so he has, as you can guess, a few tales to tell that are really valuable when you are prepared for a morning or night flight chats.

The start from the sea doesn't look any different than usual, except that of course there is less turmoil (it looks much colder when you consider that many spectators take photos of the promenade of the Waters Edge). Convenient with eight full grain hide seating, large window on all sides and easy entry to the pilots base, the aircraft is virtually two ft away, which is fantastic (we suggest you connect the Top Gun soun track and really get inside).

For the first few moments it can get a little crowded, and when you're at the top of the list - the look through the big window, the small room and the light turbulences (if you sense it more on a smaller plane) can make you a little sick. As soon as you get over it, the views are simply fantastic.

Of course the airplane is nearer to the floor than normal airplanes, so there is always something to see, be it the whole park and the buildings below, or hills and streams when you get close to Kandy. There are also times when the airplane is covered in a cloud and all the big window becomes fully whitened, and you almost seem to be in the midst of nowhere.

Twenty-five to twenty-five minute later, you' re already in Kandy (which is usually about three hours drive on the road). Aeroplane will land in Polgolla Reservoir, which is about one 500 km Tuk-Tuk-Tuk ride from the downtown area. Watching the airplane pull giant waves through the sea as it landed is quite fantastic.

You will be greeted by a crowd of Candyans who will be amazed by the innovation of an airplane that brings travellers from town to town (the Cinnamon Air Rate is only one year old). Colombo and Kandy employees are very kind and supportive and will tell you exactly how to get where you want to go.

Cinnamon Air's website is quite extensive. You can also fly to Koggala, Trinco, Dickwella, Nuwera Eliya, Sigiriya and Batticoloa. The one-way tickets to Kandy cost about 22.000 RM and they usually have a flight either around 11 o'clock or in the afternoons around 14 o'clock. Reaching Kandy on a flight is tough as nails, there's no doubt about it.

From Kollupitiya you have an unforgettable view and you can reach it in a shorter period of your life than the journey from Kollupitiya to Dehiwala in the evenings (thanks to bad traffic). It is great if you make your trip on work and have to make it on schedule, or if you want to prevent travel during Perahara.

Don't take any bath on this flight, so make sure you go first!

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