advantages Zimt is a condiment that comes from the twigs of the tree of the family called " chinnamomum ". Since 2000 B.C., the consumption of cinammon in ancient Egypt has been very high. During the Middle Ages physicians used cinammon to cure diseases such as cough, osteoarthritis and throat pain.

Today it is the second most beloved seasoning in the USA and Europe after Black Pfeffer.

A number of laboratory and animal trials have shown that some positive medical characteristics may be associated with the use of cinammon, but more research and proof is needed to validate these advantages. The use of Zimt as a complement can have consequences on your general condition and illness. Humans use Zimt as a complement to address indigestion, diabetic, loss ofoppetite, and other diseases.

Zimtöl can help to handle some kinds of fungi infection such as Candida, according to the results of a laboratory trial released in 2016. A 2003 survey in the journal Diabetic Care found that Zimt can help increase blood sugar and lipids concentrations in diabetic individuals with 25-degree type-vabetes. Eating up to 6 grams (g) of cinammon per diem seemed to lower blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL-lowering cholesterol and overall blood-cholesterol levels in 60 individuals with 2. metabolic syndrome.

It was proposed that if individuals with 2 types of diabetic disease included eating steroids (cinnamon) in their diets, this could lower their risks for developing diabetic and cardio-vascular disease. In a study released in 2012, however, scientists found that it does not help lower either glycemia or glycated haemoglobin A! c (HbA1c) - long-term measurements of glycemia monitoring - in individuals with either 1 or 2 types ofabetes.

Another small trial did not show that a combined dose of cinammon, calcium and zink helps manage hypertension in individuals with 2 types ofabetes. Experiments on animals have shown that cinammon can help stop Alzheimer's infection. Scientists at the University of Tel Aviv say an extracted Zimtrinde, CEppt, contains characteristics that can hinder the growth of signs.

Further research confirms that this extracted, but not necessarily whole cinammon, can be useful in the development of treatments for Alzheimer's disease. Studies on extracted herbs from India showed that the use of cinammon can help prevent HIV. Out of the 69 laboratory assayed essences, Cardiospermum helicacabum, cinammon shoots and the fruits of the 69 essences were the most efficient in the reduction of HIV-infection.

That does not mean that cinnamon-containing food can cure or inhibit HIV, but extract from it may one day be useful as part of a treatment. Zimt was evaluated for its efficacy against MS. Scientists experimented with mouses that had eaten a mix of powdered tea blend and drinking drink. Results suggest that cinammon may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cerebral central nervous system (CNS), including an enhancement of hippocampal functioning.

Trials have also shown that Zimt can help protecting regulative T cell called Tregs. "Individuals with MS seem to have lower tregs than those without the disease. Zimtbehandlung has helped to prevent the losses of certain Tregs protein in murine trials. It has also been found that it restores blood glucose concentrations to MS inice.

NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health) is funding further research into how Zimt can be beneficial in the treatment of MS. During 2011, scientists came to the conclusion that a diet high in " anti-oxidant herbs ", especially cinammon, can help reducing the body's adverse reaction to high-fat meal. 6 persons tasted 14 grams of a mixed herb.

The research in ACS Nano indicates that researchers have found a way to pack anti-microbial combinations of breath mint and cinammon into minute capsule packs that can both destroy biofilm and help cure it. Thus, mints and cinammon could become part of a drug for the treatment of infectious sores.

The NCCIH, however, states that "studies conducted on humans do not encourage the use of cinammon for any level of wellbeing. "According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), one tea spoonful contains 2.6 grams of milled cinnamon: There are also trace amounts of vitamin B and K. There are two major kinds of cinnamon:

Cinnamom ( often referred to as "real cinnamon") is very pricey, so most food in the United States and Western Europe, which includes gooey rolls, bread and other items, uses the less costly cassia crust. When used for a shortterm period, the consumption of moderately high quantities of cinammon as a seasoning or as a complement seems to be secure for most humans.

Zimt contains however Cocaine, a naturally flavour. It is important for those who are taking anticoagulants or other medications, or who have diabetic conditions, to consult with your doctor about taking your cement supplements. The Cassia Powdered Primrose, which is widely used in food in the USA and Western Europe, contains more cumarin than powdered Cecylan.

Everyone who is considering taking more or less food supplement should talk to a physician first.

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